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Leet Liker APK v1.0 Latest Free Download for Android

Leet Liker
Leet Liker 1.0

Leet Liker Description

Leet Liker as many other Likers is a Facebook Auto Liker, enables you to enhance likes and comments on your post, photos, profile pic, status and more. If you want to make sure your presence on social media today then you must have an Auto Liker installed on your smartphone. That would probably bring you thousands of likes on daily basis.

Leet Liker is in fact a popular Facebook Auto Liker and Exchange tool. It can be used for increasing auto comments and auto likes on posts and photos in your Facebook Account. LeetLiker is gaining popularity among new generation especially teenagers because of the way it gets abrupt likes on whatever stuff they post on Facebook.

How to use Leet Liker?

There are no hard and fast rules for using LeetLiker just download the app and install it on your Android. After successful installation. Open app, you will see a Facebook interface. Log in to your Facebook account now. But before that make sure to make privacy of the post, status or photo, public. Otherwise, you won't get likes on your submissions. If you are done with the settings. Submit your photo to get likes and comments. On each submission, you will be able more than 250 likes but after your first submission, you have to wait for almost fifteen minutes for the second submission. Sounds great huh!


  • Get more than 250 likes
  • Nice auto commenter
  • 100% safe auto liker for facebook
  • User-Friendly Interface 
  • Boost Likes on the page 
  • Increase Likes on Photos 
  • Enhance auto Likes and Comments on Facebook Profile Pic
  •  Get hundreds of Auto Likes in a single submission
Moreover, Leet liker is quite safe and easy to use. It never ever compromises the privacy of its users. It doesn't trade or exchanges any of your personal information such as email address or password to anyone. That makes it the more reliable and trustworthy app. So, never hesitate to use it.

Chicken Scream v2.0.1 Latest APK Free Download for Android

Chicken Scream
Chicken Scream 2.0.1 Perfect Tap Games

Chicken Scream Description

Hello, Friends! How about playing a game without touching your screen for a single time. I know it seems quite strange, doesn't it? Yes, it does. Also, it doesn't offer quite smashing graphics, or anything quite remarkable either. But what it does offer is voice control which is quite remarkable.  It is Chicken Scream and is all about screaming not about tapping and swiping.
Play Chicken Scream on your smartphones just by screaming. You can whistle, sing, scream or shout to make the chicken move, jump and so on. This is a kind of a game that totally works on your voice control. Sound matters, not the tapping of your fingers.

It has recently been released with totally different kinds of controls. Unlike any other games, it is controlled by your voice only.

Few Steps to play Chicken Scream:

Stop – Make no sound to make the chicken stop.
Run and jump – To make the chicken run, scream or to make it jump, shout as high so that chicken will start jumping.

Game Features:

* Free and easy to use Voice control (scream to run and jump, speak softly to make the chicken walk slowly)
* Collect coins while playing
* Get Rewards on a daily basis
* New obstacles
* Buy news chickens with coins
The above features show that this is pretty remarkable. Just grab Chicken Scream and install it on your Android and Tablet to enjoy first-ever voice control game on your Android.


LeetGram APK v1.9 Free Download for Android

LeetGram 1.9 Abdullah Rahimoon

LeeGram App Description

LeetGram is going to help you with the number of Instagram followers on the go. It is quite handy tool for those who wish to enhance their supporters on one of the biggest social media platform (Instagram) quickly. However, one question comes to mind in the process of getting followers: Does it get real followers? The answer is simple and clear and it is a big YES. Don't ever worry about it's performance. Many LeetGram users have rocketed to fame by just increasing their Insta followers. Trust me it will never let you down as well.

How to use LeetGram?

This Instagram Followers app is simple and easy to use. Just download apk file of the app. Install it on your smartphone by allowing "Unknown app installation" in yourphone settings.

Now you just need to log onto to your account via LeetGram. There you will get three option to choose from: followers, comments or likes. It's up to you now whether you want to increase fan following, likes, or auto comments. Whatever the choice is but I am sure you will definitely see an abrupt increase.

Key Features of LeetGram:

#Get 100% real likes, comments
#It doesn't spam at all neither use bots to get followers
#Easy to operate
#Increase guaranteed real followers

As we know that social engagement is important for everyone in today's fast pace world. One won't find enough time to be able to reach anyone physically but virtually they can. So it will help them a lot. By using LeetGram app you can expand your social circle.

Apental Calc APK v2.52 Latest 2019 Free Download for Android

Apental Calc
Apental Calc 2.52 apental

Apental Calc App Description:

Use Apental Calc for Android to gain popularity on Facebook. It increases followers on your account, boost likes and comments on photos, status, pages etc.
Today we are living in an era where you are in total control of social media. In fact, social media has become the largest social setting. It shrinks the gaps between people, and help people manage their businesses from any corner of the world. The transition towards digitalization was quite evident in the last decade. Facebook is one of the best examples that we can count with regard to the integration of technology into our social life circles. People tend to share many things from their daily life with others on Facebook. The popularity indicators are the number of followers on your account and likes & comments on posts and photos.

Facebook is the largest social media platform of the modern age where millions of people are connected to each and most of them are running their business campaigns successfully. Others do interact with friends and relative, share moments of happiness and more. Some get tons of likes on their status and photos each time they update but some don't. For those who do not get more likes as they desire, Apental Calc will surely bring happiness and joy to their faces. It will help them broaden their social circles to new limits.

Apental Calc lets you grab innumerable likes and comments on the posts, status, profile pic and much more on Facebook and increase reputation which in turns easily draw the attention of others. You will become popular among your friends and relative in no time. Then it becomes more easy for anyone to reach more and more people around the globe.

How to make Apental Calc Work?

To make Apental Calc work properly you need to fulfill some requirements. First and foremost you should have an active and live Facebook account. If you already have a Facebook ID then sign in to make some changes to the privacy settings. Change the privacy of your profile, follower and the photo on which you want likes from private to public. So, for now, sign in to Facebook via Apental Calc. Select the photo on which you would like to receive Auto Likes and Comments. Now, the submit button turn green. If it doesn't, then make sure to change the privacy of photo from private to public. Press the submit button and wait for a few seconds Auto Likes will surely start to roll in.

Key Features of Apental Calc:

* Easy to use
* User-Friendly Interface and super sleek design
* Get unlimited Facebook Auto Likes and Auto Comments
* Increase Likes to 200-300 on a single submission
* Works perfectly on mobile internet 2G, 3G/4G and WiFi connections

It's time to test Apental Calc app now. For that purpose, you need to download apk file of the from the link given below right now. Since it is not available in the biggest app store (Google Play Store), you can grab it from our website right now. Install it on your Android and Tablets to get a heap of likes on photos, status, and more. In case it doesn't work then you may use mg likers as well.

IG Liker - Instagram Auto Follower & Auto Liker APK v1 Free for Android

IG Liker
IG Liker 1.1 Karzan Ahmed

IG Liker App Description

IG Liker simply stands for Instagram Liker known for providing Auto Likes on Photos and Auto Followers on Instagram account. It offers both free packages as well as paid packages for it users to increase likes & comments on posts and auto followers on their accounts. Instagram is one the most popular social media platforms connecting people from around the world. It plays a very crucial role in creating awareness to address issues arise anywhere. In addition it helps creating brands, content marketing, increase website traffic, go viral, businesses interact with clients and customer and more. So keeping its importance in mind Auto Likers have been introduced to increase impression on social accounts, groups and other pages. If you are looking to establish your brand then download Instagram Liker and increase your popularity in no time.

IG Liker also works based on social exchange system as many other Auto Likers and Auto Followers do today. It is really an impressive app for Android users providing spam free Auto Likes, Auto Followers and Auto comments. Also it is the best way to get readers soon after posting a post on Instagram.

It really important to keep one thing in mind for users who are using IG Liker app for the first time. Set the private mode to public in your accounts privacy settings. Unless and until you won't make changes you will not be able to get Auto Likes and Auto followers. It's mandatory to change privacy settings to public to make it work. Also it gives access error because of the location block in your account. Just log into your account and click on "This was me". Now you are ready to submit your photo to get Auto Likes.

Lastly, one more thing to remind, You are safe using IG Liker because has clearly mentioned in its privacy policies that it will never disclose you private or account information with anyone. So, stay calm and free of any worries.

CalorieCap APK v3.0.0 Free Download for Android

CalorieCap 3.0.0 CalorieCap

CalorieCap Description

Do you tend to be more cautious about your diet whenever you go out with your friends? If Yes, then you must have CalorieCap installed on your device. It will extract all the information about recipes from restaurants that will help what to eat and what not to eat . This application is very much handy when it comes keeping yourself stick to your diet plan wherever you go.

CalorieCap is tailor-made for those who usually maintain a very simple lifestyle.  It perfectly matches the calories you want to take and keep away from foods that do not fall in your diet plan. Simply set calories and choose a restaurant to find low carbs diet. It keeps adding new restaurants on a regular basis and update their info consistently.

In addition it is convenient to use. It's user interface is quite unique and easy to navigate. On the other side it does not publish any annoying ads which is the most pleasing thing about this app.

CricLine - Live Scores APK v1.31 Free Download for Android

CricLine - Live Scores
CricLine - Live Scores 1.31 Cricket Live Line

CricLine - Live Scores Description:

CricLine - Live Scores is really one of the best apps providing you with the latest score from the field of cricket. It provides you ball by ball score of the latest cricket matches. Gives you live scores of the whole match on your Android and Tablets with just a single tap. Unlike many other apps, it automatically updates score on each passing delivery and informs you about the runs taken on single ball and updates on about the fall of wickets.  CricLine gives you fastest live score, which is no match to any other app providing the online ball to ball action from the field of cricket.

Also, Get the summary of Inning Sessions of each team, score alerts in every 10 overs and much more...

Key Features of CricLine App:

* Simple and easy to use
* Fastest Live Cricket Score
* Shows which team is favorite according to the audience poll
* Recent Results
* Auto ball by ball Updates of your favorite cricket match
* Works best on WiFi, 3G/4G Internet

I'm pretty confident that you will like the CricLine - Live Scores app. But, if you want something more than mere Live Score Updates then you may try Cricket Live Line.

Get Live Scores of top world crick events:

* IPL 2019
* World Cup 2019
* T20 World Cup 2020


MG Liker APK v4.0 Latest Free Download for Android

MG Liker
MG Liker 4.0 MG Likers

MG Liker Description

Increase Auto Likes and Auto Comments for Facebook to a much greater extent in a tap or more. Since, MG Liker is one of the most reliable apps of today, generating absolutely free and safe auto likes. It helps you to grab likes on Facebook photos, status, profile pic, and pages instantly.
Today everyone enjoys their spare time on social media platforms where they share news, enjoy moments of joy, get familiar with brand new products, and much more instantly. Social Media has become one of the best sources to reach to people more easily and quickly. You can also create your own circle as well. Build your profile and become famous on Facebook, update your content on daily basis along with getting auto likes with this MG Auto Liker free Android app. It will help grab likes all day long!

How to use MG Liker to increase Facebook Auto Likes?

First of all download the latest version of MG Liker app from the link provided to you below. Then allow unknown app installation from the security settings of the device. If it doesn't start automatically then make sure to allow installation of third-party apps. Now, Log in to your Facebook account and make some changes in the privacy settings of Facebook ID. Set privacy of  FB account and the photo on which you want to increase Auto Likes as public otherwise it will not work. Open up the app now. On a live internet connection, you will see Facebook Interface as you can see in the screenshot below.

Log in to your Facebook account now and select the photo on which you want some likes and comments to roll in. Then click on the submit button. Now, wait for ten to fifteen minutes soon you will be receiving a huge number of likes on photos that you have submitted recently. Soon you will start to notice that auto likes are really increasing. So I personally recommend you to download MG Liker since it does not public, trade or exchanges your personal information with anyone.

Key Features of MG Liker :

- Grab likes and comments without any complications
- Increase your Facebook profile status
- Boost reputation among friends and family in social media
- Easy to use
- Get 100% safe and free Facebook likes
Furthermore, MG Liker's user-friendly interface gives you a friendly feel. So, feel free to use it on your Android devices. If it doesn't come up to the expectations then you may try Apental Calc app as well.

IG Hoot APK v1.0 Free Download for Android

IG HootIG Hoot is an Instagram auto liker. It has gained popularity over the past few years quite remarkably. Whereas Instagram is a social media platform, known for capturing photos and videos, creating messages, and sharing them with friends and family in a simple way. Everyone desire to be popular in this social setting too soon. However, it is not so easy to attract someone attention. It requires patience, time, and creation of such content that should go viral. That's how you can draw the attention of other people.

If you are still facing any difficulty making friends then consider downloading IG Hoot app for Android right now. It will help grab tons of auto likes and comments. Because the number of shares, likes, and comments on a post and photo represent your popularity in social media.

Now it's time to download IG Hoot to acquire free likes and comments on your Instagram photos. IGHoot app has a unique UI. First and foremost, you need to log in to your Instagram account to change the privacy of photo or post from Private to Public. Also, remember to Public follower's privacy. Then download the application and install it on your Android. Allow third-party apps to be installed on your device. Now open Instagram auto liker and sign in to your Instagram account. Then select the photo on which you want to boost likes and comments, and press submit. Wait for several minutes. Auto likes will start to roll in.

* Full-Featured UI
* User-Friendly Interface
* Free likes, comments, followers
* Tiny in size (spare only few KB's of phone storage)

This is the first time we are sharing an Instagram liker. Hope you will like it and enjoy an instant increase in auto likes on your posts. See you soon with yet another auto liker.

IG Hoot APK File Details:

Developer: TheSuperDev
Version: 1.0
Size: 542.9KB
Requirements: Android 2.3 and up
Download Link: >>Download<<

Star Sports Live TV APK Latest v1.0 Free Download for Android


Star Sports is one of the most sensational TV channels today, providing live coverage to almost every game of International cricket. Star Sports Live TV app offers live HD streaming of top cricket matches of cricketing giants including India, Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan. Nearly, half of the world's population stay tuned when a live cricket match goes live on air. This clearly shows that cricketing lovers all across the subcontinent and around the world watch Star Sports Live TV for Android not only for their better coverage but also for their Hindi and Urdu commentary. It also gathers cricket experts from both Pakistan and India creating a better platform to share their expert views on the matches being played, which is beneficial for young cricketer of both nations. Apart from cricket, you can also enjoy the most thrilling contest of Football, Hockey, Baseball and much more.

Now, cricket lovers will never miss any of the International cricket competition and even league contests. Star Sports Live TV app also helps you with Full Live Score Cards, Live Score, ball by ball commentary, standings & statistics of sports. So that you will be able to have a closer look at the performance of your favorite team. For a better user experience, it gives you a chance to watch all the highlights of the matches played.  In addition to that, enjoy the videos of best innings of your favorite players on demand as well. Therefore, it is recommended to download Live TV app for better streaming free online now and enjoy watching your favorite sports.

Star Sports Live TV APK Details:

Developer: Star India Pvt Ltd
Version: 1.0
Requirements: Android 2.3 and up
Download Link: >>>Download<<<

AbLiker APK v2.2 Latest Free Download for Android

AbLikerIf you are struggling to get proper response from your contacts on your Facebook posts, then you have come to the right place. Here you will find an app of your dreams that will help you get likes and comments as you desire for. AbLiker is truly a magical tool, the way it increases auto likes & auto comments and also provide tons of friend requests in a few clicks. So it is up to now whether you would want to take full advantage of this app or not. If so, then download AbLiker for Android right now.

AbLiker is a nice app when it comes boosting your social media status in a matter of seconds. It will not only help you get likes and comment but also help you reach as many people as you want. This will in return give you a chance to make new friends and get familiarize with the ones you see for first time on Facebook. In addition, AbLiker is  easy to use, designed width users in mind. It will give you more than 200 Likes and 100 comments on a single post, photo, status or even albums. This app is totally spamming free. It never discloses or trade your private information with anyone.

How to use AbLiker app? 
There is no hard and fast rule to use AbLiker app. However, there are several tools associated with it like auto liker, auto commenter, auto reaction and auto follower that might put you in sort of worry for a few seconds. So select and use tools cautiously and cleverly.
It does require any access Token. Just download the app and install on your Android right away. Now if you are done with the installation process, open app and log on to your Facebook account. Also, keep in mind that auto commenter app requires you to change privacy  of the post and account's follower setting to "public", It is the basic requirement of this app.. Once all the requirements full filled. Submit your post to get auto likes and comments. On the very first submission, you will get more than 200 hundred likes more likely.

Therefore, download AbLiker  2019 from the link provided to you by the end of the post. I am quite hopeful this social app will give you more than 100 comments and 200+ likes on each submission.

AbLiker APK File Details:

Developer: AbLiker Inc
Version: 2.2
Size: 2.46 MB
Requirements: All Android OS support
Download Link: >>>Download<<<

4Liker APK Latest v2.6 Free Download for Android

4Liker Are you looking for an awesome Facebook auto likes app? Then it's the time to stop searching further because we have picked a fantastic  app for Android out of a bulk of  auto likers. It's the 4Liker  for Android, it will increase tons of free and safe likes on your Facebook posts. Also, help make your popularity ratings better on Facebook. So download application to receive 300+ likes and comments and enjoy your online presence on the biggest social media platform.

Today social media has a huge impact on one's life. It empower users increase their social status instantly.  is by far the fastest means of communication there is no doubt that. You sit in a corner of room and meet people living on the other part of the globe via voice chatting, video calling features. You can also get access to your friend's public content and show feelings and emotion in the form of a Comment, Like or a Reaction. However, in most cases you don't see extraordinary response from your contacts. So in such scenarios 4Liker works nicely.

This application has a very clean and simple user interface. Open app and log into your Facebook account now. Once you are logged into you account, select a photo or a status to gain auto likes.  At the same time choose the number of likes you would want to receive, as it allows you to increase exactly the same number of likes you have chosen.

Note: make sure to select the privacy setting of the photo or status as "public" to receive free likes.

* Free and easy to use
* Enhance safe and free likes
* Increase popularity of users in no time

4Liker APK File Details:

Developer: 4Liker
Version: 2.6
Size: 2.30 MB
Requirements: Android 3.0 and up
Download Link: >>Download<<