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MG Liker APK v4.0 - Free Download for Android

MG Liker

MG Liker

4.0 MG Likers

MG Liker Description

MG Liker increase Auto Likes and Auto Comments for Facebook to a much greater extent in a tap or more. Since, MG Auto Liker is one of the most reliable apps of today, generating absolutely free and safe auto likes, use it on your fb photos to get likes too. It helps you to grab likes on Facebook photos, status, profile pic, and pages instantly.

Today everyone enjoys their spare time on social media platforms where they share news, enjoy moments of joy, get familiar with brand new products, and much more instantly. Social Media has become one of the best sources to reach to people more easily and quickly. You can also create your own circle as well. Build your profile and become famous on Facebook, update your content on daily basis along with getting auto likes with this MG Auto Liker free Android app. It will help grab likes all day long!

How to use MG Auto Liker to increase Facebook Auto Likes?

First of all download the latest version of MG Liker app from the link provided to you below. Then allow unknown app installation from the security settings of the device. If istallation of app doesn't start automatically. Now, Log in to your Facebook account and make some changes in the privacy settings of Facebook ID. Set privacy of FB account and the photo on which you want to increase Auto Likes as public otherwise it will not work. Open up the app now. On a live internet connection, you will see Facebook Interface as you can see in the screenshot below.

Log in to your Facebook account now and select the photo on which you want some likes and comments to roll in. Then click on the submit button. Now, wait for ten to fifteen minutes soon you will be receiving a huge number of likes on photos that you have submitted recently. Soon you will start to notice that auto likes are really increasing. So I personally recommend you to download MG Liker since it does not public, trade or exchanges your personal information with anyone.

Key Features of MG Liker :

- Grab likes and comments without any complications
- Increase your Facebook profile status
- Boost reputation among friends and family in social media
- Easy to use
- Get 100% safe and free Facebook likes
Furthermore, MG Liker's user-friendly interface gives you a friendly feel. So, feel free to use it on your Android devices. If it doesn't come up to the expectations then you may try Apental Calc app as well.

Installation Requirements

  1. Support Android OS version 4.0 and up
  2. Need minimum 1 MB of phone/external storage
  3. Push Unknown source button on, to install APK


Diamond Generator ML APK v1.6 - Free Download for Android

Diamond Generator ML

Diamond Generator ML


Diamond Generator ML Description:

Diamond Generator ML for Android is a tool with special attributes to boost diamonds in Mobile Legends. Any game whether it is ML, Free Fire or any other video games you certainly need stars, coins or diamonds to unlock certain features. Yes, diamonds and coins certainly matter, since anyone can use it for in-app purchasing. Coins help add more features to a game. Extra features means extra power. So you can be easily on top of your game. After all, this special ML Injector helps you get free diamonds. Get unlimited diamonds without spending a buck.

It is always annoying, in games where you try hard in a level and don't succeed just because you lack power or lack something in your arsenal. Most often players find themselves in such situations where an extra life could have helped them their way out to the next level. But No, they fail to do so just because of lack extra ammunition. So fully equip yourself with lethal weaponry using unlimited diamonds. Play like a pro and achieve new objectives. But the question is where to get so many diamonds. The answer is very simple. Diamond Injector ML will help you get as many diamonds as you want.

As its name suggests, Diamond Generator Injector is a special app helping beginners in ML Bang Bang acquire innumerable diamonds. You can get as many as Gems as you wish for. Which can be used to change the whole attire of a player with multiple skins, add new weapons to the arsenal, give new appearance to the game background.

Features of Diamond Generator ML:

  • Inject code to acquire hundreds of thousands of diamonds for free
  • No account required to get diamonds
  • Easily access some options from the MLBB store such as skins and other important elements for free
  • User-friendly interface
  • Free battle points
  • ML Injector is best to change certain parameters with code injection

How to acquire Diamonds with Diamond Injector MLBB?

Mobile Legends Bang Band is just a phenomenal video game. Which is being played by billions of users online across the globe. Diamond are the most popular element of this game. However, as a new player you cannot gather diamonds so easily. However, multiple Injectors like Diamond Generator will do the job easy for you by getting unlimited diamonds. So Download and enjoy MLBB right now.

It is quite easy to add diamonds and battle points to account. Diamond Generator ML has a simple interface. You only have put values in the diamonds place. Also remember to place your Game ID and Server in the box. Without the Game ID and Server you won't be able to Inject diamonds. So remember that.

Installation Requirements

  1. Support Android OS version 3.0 and up
  2. Need minimum 1.49 MB of phone/external storage
  3. Push Unknown source button on, to install APK


IPL Cricket Fever 2013 APK v305.0 - Free Download for Android

IPL Cricket 2013

IPL Cricket Fever 2013

305.0 Indiagames Ltd.

IPL Cricket Fever 2013 Description:

IPL Cricket Fever 2013 is a cricket game based on the PEPSI IPL 2013 season. By courtesy of Gameindia Ltd., this amazing game is up and running successfully. Since it inception it is loved by many for having smashing 3D graphics. Where everything is curated keeping the IPL 2013 environment in mind. It is a perfect blend of action and thrill more like that of a real cricket game.

3D graphics IPL Cricket Fever 2013 is something that attract people the most. All the venues where cricketing action is taking place are just outstanding and well decorated. On each boundary scored or six you would see beautiful cheer leaders perform magical dance and entertain the crowd. What more would you expect from this game? I suppose nothing. In fact it is already having all the amazing features of the great game of cricket.

Here comes the most interesting part, selecting your own team and challenging other teams of IPL 2013 including Mumbai Indians, Royal Challenger Bangalore, Deccan Chargers, Rajasthan Royals, and probably best of all the Chennai Super Kings. There are four freebie formats available in the game that include 1 over, 2 over, 5 overs and 20 overs. Whereas, there is only one unlocked team as default. However, you can buy other formats and unlock more teams. If you don't want to spend anything then just go for the freely available formats and be on top of the game.

Game play of IPL 2013 is more similar to that of other games like Real Cricket by Nautilus. As a batsman you can just play all the shots in the bag. You can play shots like pull, leg glance, straight drive, sweep shot, lofted shots and all time favorite, the cover drive as well. Build you innings by playing all along the ground for singles, two's, three's or a boundary, and even play a six. And get a huge total on the scoreboard. Now its your turn to defend. Your bowlers can challenge the opponents with lethal deliveries like Yorkers, In swinger, out swinger, and bouncer to restrict them to the lowest possible score to win the matches and more forward.

More wins will help you get more cash which can be used to unlock teams or in-app purchasing.

Features of IPL Cricket Fever 2013

  • Realistic gameplay
  • Controls are no doubt amazing
  • Hit you favorite shots along the ground for boundaries or connect well and hit a gigantic six anywhere over the boundary
  • Sounds in the game make the action more thrilling
  • You can either play in single player matches or invite family & friends to the IPL 2013 cricket fever challenge
  • Win to get prize money to be used in unlocking more features such as Speed, Tim, and Power
  • Use left right arrows to move batsman
  • Tap on loft to hit a lofted shot
  • While nudging the ball along the ground tap on run to get runs and keep the scoreboard ticking
  • Swipe to hit a shot in any direction
  • Use the speed meter wisely as a bowler and bowl at the top of your strengths

Installation Requirements

  1. Support Android OS version 4.1 and up
  2. Need minimum 29.3 MB of phone/external storage
  3. Push Unknown source button on, to install APK


Power Battery APK v1.9.9.5 - Free Download for Android

Power Battery
Power Battery LIONMONBI

Power Battery Description

A power saver is what you urgently need, if your phone lags behind and consum battery power too fast. Well, every battery saving app claims to higly effective and efficient. But, most of them fall short of the promise they make. However, Power Battery for Android is not claiming to perfect, but it proving itself to be the best at doing what it does the best.

Power Battery is well optimized and programmed to find the causes of quick battery drainage and sort them out smartly. let's take a look at the things that directly affect the battery health, and hence overall phone performance is affected. Some applications along with system apps keep running in background even when you close them. These apps consume unncessary power and empty a phone battery quickly. Besides, Battery over charging is another important factor that reduces a battery life too short. Using a phone when battery is too may directly impact battery performance; using phone on low power may also impact.

So, Power Battery comes handy when you face above mentioned issues. It can wisely scan all through your phone applications and once find fast battery draining apps it stops them automatically. And, while charging a phone it goes through various modes such as speed mode, continous mode and trickle modes. When charging is 100% complete, it forcibly reduces power input. Which is I think the best feature of Power Battery.

More Features of Power Battery app

  • Identify power consuming apps and force stop them on the spot
  • Highly optimized battery saver enables battery power last long
  • Speedy chargin features: Speed mode, Continue mode and Trickle mode
  • Show exactly real power pecentages
  • Low battery reminders with alarms
  • Provide overall battery details such as capacity, temprature, and battery info

When you are too concerned about overall performance of phone then download Power Batter - the battery saver app. It is not just a battery save but efficient performance booster. It efficiently removes all cache & junk files from your phone to improve efficiency and enhace memory.

Installation Requirements

  1. Support Android OS version 4.4 and up
  2. Need minimum 7.41 MB of phone/external storage
  3. Push Unknown source button on, to install APK


Hack App Data APK v1.9.2 - Free Download for Android

Hack App Data
Hack App Data 1.9.2 STEELWORKS

Hack App Data Description

Hack App Data app for Android is a powerful tool to dig out files of any app, and make some editing instantly. Hang on, if you don't have any idea of app development or customization then surely it is not for you. Experts in this field can only use Hack App Data Pro for data manipulation and modification.So, folks consider this honest advice and stay away from editing any sort of data modification.

Android root is so important to modify app data with Hack App Data. Only a rooted device you can get most out this app. Since root widens extra possibilities of a smartphone, for this app takes full advantage of rooting in doing what it does the best. That said, rooting is not a child's play. If not done expertly you could void the device gurantee or end up losing system data. So, think twice to go for device root to make Hack App Data Pro fully functional.

On its interface you could find two different categories of apps; both the default system apps and users apps. User apps are what you should be looking to play with. But, you still need to create a backup for file before making a hint of change to a user app, that you could restore you file from the backup anytime. It would always be mindful to create a copy though.

Features of Hack App Data

  • Present app info like basic information, Preference and Database
  • Access both default Android apps (system apps) and externally installed apps(User apps)
  • Dig deep into app data such as SqlLite database
  • Rooting of device is key to increased functionality of Hack App Data Pro
  • Multiple hacking capibilities (static, dynamic)

Hack App Data is powerful in the sense that it give whole freedom to anyone make partial or even bigger changes in app data. So it is safe to use as far as extremly important system apps are untouched. If you look over ambitious to make modifications to default goole apps then you are always on the verge of losing some important data. So, be careful that you are no doing anything wrong.

Installation Requirements

  1. Support Android OS version 3.0 and up
  2. Need minimum 3.4 MB of phone/external storage
  3. Push Unknown source button on to install APK


Secret Video Recorder APK v3.5 - Free Download for Android

Secret Video Recorder
Secret Video Recorder 3.5 CME Services

Secret Video Recorder Description

Secret Video Recorder for Android is one step ahead of normal video recorders.It let's you record a video privately. Normally, when recording something you can't leave your phone camera running in the background. Well, we all know that inbuilt camera apps does have their limitations. But, thanks to Secret Video Recorder for letting you record anything in the background and use your phone as normal.

While recording anything Secret Video Recorder shows no recording preview at all. You will only see a black screen nothing else. Even people around you won't get a clue that you are making any kind of a video footage. These features make is perfect tool to use in situations where you want to gather any sort of information, evidence, or report complaints secretly.

In addition to that, in a tap or so you can record any thing with multiple recording features. For instance, you can make schedule recording, SMS recording, instant recording even when the screen is inactive or in sleeping mode. It continues to record videos even when your phone is ringing or while you are making a phone call. Actually these features makes it a powerful background camera recorder for high definition recording.

Features of Secret Video Recorder

  • Easy to use and nicely designed
  • Full HD video (1920x1080) recording
  • Easy access to video recordings in the folder
  • Protect videos with a password
  • Auto Synchronise videos google drive
  • Background recording mode
  • No camera shutter sound
  • SMS, schedule, and instant recording available
  • Set video time frame
  • Use both back and front cameras for recordings

So, download the app and start recording video clips of your friends without coming into their notice like a professional spy. Have fun and enjoy!

Installation Requirements

  1. Support Android OS version 4.0.3 and up
  2. Need minimum 6 MB of phone/external storage
  3. Push Unknown source button on, to install APK


Perfect Keyboard Free APK v1.1.9b - Free Download for Android

Perfect Keyboard Free
Perfect Keyboard Free 1.1.9b My Perfect Apps

Perfect Keyboard Free Description:

A touchpad to an Android is just the same as a keyboard to a computer. Both possess the same functionalities as input devices. However, there is a distinct difference between them, and that is, an Android keyboard doesn't have any physical existance. Unlike a PC, keyboards on Android are flexible and come with multiple features. However, a built-in keypad for Android looks a bit boring and dull, with only a limited features at times. At the same time, you can't use it authoritatively. Here Android keyboards have advantage over PC keyboard. If you don't like you can simply select someone else. So to get full command over your typing on Android, give Perfect Keyboard Free a try and see if you like. You've nothing to lose, it's absolutely free.

Perfect Keyboard Free, basically adds a bit more fun to typing on Android. With multiple background themes for touchpad, various font colors and smart predictions while typing help make it the most liked keypad for a smartphone. In other words, it gives you the full authority to use it the way you like.

Moreover, Perfect Keyboard for Android is the best customizable and configurable keyboard ever. In fact, you can set the height of the keys and gaps between the keys, and the bottom padding that you are comfortable with. Multiple themes and text colors give you the best ever typing experience. Aside, its multitouch capability and keyword suggestion make you typing more speedy and fast. To improve type efficiency, a custom dictionary can save phrases that you use quite frequently, and correct typos accurately. Honestly speaking, it is quite of a fun to type with it.

Use smileys to express emotions that cannot be expressed in words. Press enter for few seconds and choose a smiley that exhibits your feelings.

Speech to text is the most powerful of Perfect Keyboard Free app. You just need to record voice and let Perfect Keyboard Free do the rest. However, it supports only a few languages right now but soon you will see some new additions too.

Installation Requirements

  1. Support Android OS version Android 2.2 and up
  2. Need minimum 2.37 MB of phone/external storage
  3. Push Unknown source button on to install APK


Nova Launcher APK v7.0.23 - Free Download for Android

Nova Launcher
Nova Launcher 7.0.23 TESLACOIL SOFTWARE

Nova Launcher Description

Nova launcher for Android allows home screen customizations the way a user wants. Unlike default launcher it gives you the whole flexibility to apply personalized settings. Using Nova you can simply renovate the graphical features of your Android desktop yourself.

Nova Launcher has been around the market for quite a long time. You can imagine the stability and resilience it has shown to survive harsh competition in the Android market. Without adapting to the new trends you can't reign the market, this is what Nova has done so well over the course of its journey.

What Nova Launcher holds for a User?

Nova Launcher is a free Android launcher known for its noteworthy features to improve, customize and personalize home screen, app drawer, or even folders. Thanks to Nova that everything is in users hands now. Each item on your screen is customizable with this amazing launcher. Whether you want to resize icons, set app drawer style, apply different icon layouts for folders or even automate night mode timings, it is the perfect solution to it.

With so many diverse options Nova Launcher is becoming favorite of millions. People all around the globe love it simply because it can help turn a somewhat dull and boring screen into a very vibrant, lively and animated one. Functionalities like look & feel, gesture & inputs give them a whole new experience without compromising speed and elegance. I would rather say, a vibrant screen appearance is always a thing of joy for a smartphone user. Apart from that, the balance it offers between customization and performance is unmatched.

Features of Nova Launcher

  • Arrange apps and widgets on your home screen with more control
  • Set grid rows and columns according to your comfort
  • App drawer with horizonal and vertical scroll along with icon removal settings
  • Create as many rows and columns for app icons in app drawer
  • Layout setting for different items such as desktop screen, app drawer, folders and icons
  • Gesture controls
  • Night Mode
  • Smooth transitions and animations
  • Backup and Restore features useful while moving from old to new phone
  • Sleek and fast

Installation Requirements

  1. Support Android OS version 3.0 and up
  2. Need minimum 8.0 MB of phone/external storage
  3. Push Unknown source button on, to install APK


ESPNCricinfo APK v7.0 - Free Download for Android

ESPNCricinfo 7.0 ESPN Digital Media (India) Private Limited

ESPNCricinfo Description

ESPNCRicinfo is just a way forward to help cricket lovers follow thier favorite game the esiest way possible. Cricket is the second most popular game of the world with an estimated 2.5 global following. But more popular in South Asian countries where everyone is crazy about the game. Fans never miss a chance to follow their favorite teams and players. However, it is not possible for everyone to witness a live action. Still they follow the games either on Television, webapp or even on their smartphones.

ESPNCricinfo app for Android provide the extended coverage of the great game of cricket. Looking at the huge populartiy of the game it has out stretched its coverages globally. Now you would be able to follow International tournaments and Leagues from anywhere. You will also be able get instant scrores of live matches of IPL, PSL, Ashes, BBL, ICC test championship and plenty more. Besides, you can access scorecards and pages to better understand the game proceedings.

Breaking news of the game from around the globe is easily accessible on ESPNCricinfo. Expert opnions always matter in head-to-head comparisions. It will discolse which team stands better in their respective departments (bowling & batting). Pre-Match analysis are always an imprtant part of the game.

Features of ESPNCricinfo

  • Easy to use interface
  • Fastest and most accurate live scores
  • Ball by ball commentary
  • Pre and post-match Analysis
  • Expert opinions on each match
  • Match summary
  • Customize settings to follow your favorite team and player

Moreover, it has been optimized for slow internet connections too. Never bother about the internet speed, get live scores and alerts faster than ever.

Installation Requirements

  1. Support Android OS version 5.0 and up
  2. Need minimum 5.42 MB of phone/external storage
  3. Push Unknown source button on, to install APK