Prison Escape APK v1.0.3 Free Download for Android

Prison Escape App- iconYou might have seen many Bollywood as well Hollywood movies where the heroes are sent to prison with some kind of conspiracy. They also get the punishment of death as well. Now to show their innocence they need to prove they are not guilty or escape prison to avoid punishment. Prison Escape is a game for Android having exactly the same theme. It is a perfect game to kill time.

 In Prison Escape game you need to plot or design your plans and execute perfectly to show that you are not guilty. But you are on death row now. The only way to prove your innocence is to break out the jail. For that, you need to work according to your plans, make friends, so that they will help you dig a tunnel to escape the jail.

The game controls are very nice, you can move freely without any restrictions in the prison. The controls are tailored made according to your wishes. Fight against the top gangsters, perform thrashing stunts to turn enemies into to friends. There are 30 action-packed missions you need to be more watchful while escaping the tight security of the jail.

So, are you ready to experience the survival period of life in the prison? then you must download Prison Escape apk and install it on your Android and Tablets. It's time to make your way out of the prison or accept the punishment.

Prison Escape APK File Details:

Name: Prison Escape
Developer: Words Mobile
Version: 1.0.3
Size: 19.5 MB
Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Download Link: >>Download<<

ICQ - Video Calls and Chat Messenger APK Free Download for Android

ICQ App- iconAre you in pursuit of a Video Calls & Chat Messenger that could fulfill all your needs? Then you must go for ICQ - Video Calls & Chat messenger app for Android. It is one of the best messengers with powerful features tailored according to your needs. Make calls, chat with friends in a highly secure environment.

ICQ is a highly rated messenger being used by millions of user all across the world. It is not only famous for its sleek and awesome design but also for the services it offers to users. It lets you create your own stickers and make a high-quality video as well as voice calls.Use an inbuilt-3D animated mask while making a video call.

Moreover, synchronization of chats across all devices is a superb feature now allows you continue conversations without any interruption. Start right from where you have left off on one device. This is handy when one of the devices run out of power.

Therefore, download Video Calls & Chat Messenger App to enjoy live chats without any restrictions on the number of chat participants on unlimited channels. It is an alternative to imo messenger and number of other popular messengers.

ICQ APK File Details:

Name: ICQ - Video Calls & Chat Messenger
Developer: LLC Mail.Ru
Size: 15.6 MB
Requirements: Android 4.3 and up
Download Link: >>Download<<

UkTVNow APK (Latest) v8.16 Free Download for Android

UkTVNow App- iconUkTVNow app for Android is the best application to enjoy live streaming of channels from a number of countries right on your hand palm. There are thousands of channels listed in this app from different countries including India, United States, Arab, France, Pakistan, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom and Spain. It is a free live TV channel app that covers almost all spheres of life. There is plenty to watch for anyone from any age group.

Moreover, it is your everyday companion, for it lets you select and enjoy streaming of your favorite TV channel from various categories. Also, It is your one-stop destination where you would be able to enjoy Sports, Movies, Documentaries, News, Music, Food, and much more in one place. UkTVNow App provides you a better experience of live streaming all in HD video quality.

Sports lovers can watch and follow their favorite stars in live action in various tournaments now. In addition to that, they can schedule their matches to watch right at the exact time.

  • Free & Easy to use
  • Stream unlimited live TV channels from over 8 countries
  • Watch Sports channels and follow your favorite player
  • Enjoy unlimited movies
  • Watch cartoon with kids 
  • Select your favorite channel from over 9 categories 
  • HD live streaming
  • Quick search button to find channels instantly
  • Add channels to your favorite channel list
  • Schedule channels to watch later on at the right time

So, what are waiting for? Download Free Live TV Channel App from the link provided to you by the end of the post and enjoy entertainments unlimited.

UkTVNow APK File Details:

Name: UkTVNow - Free Live TV Channel App
Version: 8.16
Size: 26.7 MB
Requirements: Android 4.2 and up
Download Link: >>Download<< 

Truecaller APK v8.78.7 (Latest) Free Download for Android

Truecaller: Caller ID, SMS spam Blocking & Dialer App- iconDo you get unknown calls and get frequently? No worries now, it's time to identify the true caller, block spammy SMS and Dialer using one of the best Android apps known as Truecaller. It is highly reliable when it comes making your conversations safe. Get rid of annoying telemarketing calls and SMS.  It will surely bring back the big smile on your face.

Over 2 million users all around the world trust Truecaller app not for the graphics it offers but for the services it delivers. All you need now is to download and install it on your smartphone to enjoy long talks with anyone close to you. It is now easy to identify fake calls and dialers having a single motive to disturb. Find the names of unknown callers in the call logs.

Also, block spam SMS, telemarketing SMS & calls which could be annoying at times. Every services provider do some sort of marketing about the services they have to offer whereas some of them campaign their services in quite teasing fashion. So, it is a perfect solution to block all the SMS's and Call from their side.

Truecaller APK File Details:

Name: Truecaller: Caller ID, SMS spam Blocking & Dialer
Developer: True Software Scandinavia AB
Version: 8.78.7
Size: 22.5 MB
Requirements: Android 4.1 and up
Download Link: >>Download<<

iLauncher i11 APK (Latest) v3.3.40 Download for Android

iLauncher i11 App- iconGive your Android smartphone's home screen a look of iPhone 8 with iLauncher i11. It is one of the best Launchers for iPhone operating system 11, now available for Android. Since you can not afford to buy phones expensive phones like iPhone8 but you can manage to customize Android home screen and make it look like that of iPhone8. Experience the sleek design with easy customization. It is very light yet more powerful application. It gives you a whole new experience to enjoy customizations more like that of iOS 11.

Since it is compact in size it doesn't take too much space on your phone storage. Whereas other launchers make your phone unstable and take too much space and consume more power. It is highly efficient to take care of your battery.

People sometimes get tired of using the default launchers on their smartphones for a longer period of time. Then they try to find a new one with absolutely smashing graphics. So, this app is rightly made for those enthusiasts.

iLauncher i11 APK File Details:

Name: iLauncher i11
Developer: Tortuga Application
Version: 3.3.40
Size: 8.63 MB
Requirements: Android 4.0.3 and up
Download Link: >>Download<<