IG Liker - Instagram Auto Follower & Auto Liker APK v1 Free for Android

IG Liker
IG Liker 1.1 Karzan Ahmed

IG Liker App Description

IG Liker simply stands for Instagram Liker known for providing Auto Likes on Photos and Auto Followers on Instagram account. It offers both free packages as well as paid packages for it users to increase likes & comments on posts and auto followers on their accounts. Instagram is one the most popular social media platforms connecting people from around the world. It plays a very crucial role in creating awareness to address issues arise anywhere. In addition it helps creating brands, content marketing, increase website traffic, go viral, businesses interact with clients and customer and more. So keeping its importance in mind Auto Likers have been introduced to increase impression on social accounts, groups and other pages. If you are looking to establish your brand then download Instagram Liker and increase your popularity in no time.

IG Liker also works based on social exchange system as many other Auto Likers and Auto Followers do today. It is really an impressive app for Android users providing spam free Auto Likes, Auto Followers and Auto comments. Also it is the best way to get readers soon after posting a post on Instagram.

It really important to keep one thing in mind for users who are using IG Liker app for the first time. Set the private mode to public in your accounts privacy settings. Unless and until you won't make changes you will not be able to get Auto Likes and Auto followers. It's mandatory to change privacy settings to public to make it work. Also it gives access error because of the location block in your account. Just log into your account and click on "This was me". Now you are ready to submit your photo to get Auto Likes.

Lastly, one more thing to remind, You are safe using IG Liker because has clearly mentioned in its privacy policies that it will never disclose you private or account information with anyone. So, stay calm and free of any worries.