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Buddy Toss
Buddy Toss 1.3.5 10+Everyone

Buddy Toss Description:

Buddy Toss is a fun game which is both addictive and entertaining. In this game, neither you throw a ball nor an arrow high up into the air but you are tossing up your friend. Throwing a person into the air itself is a funny act. It is more like throwing a child high into the air for fun. Yeah, this game is exactly based on the same theme. As you throw your buddy, he/she start scream on the way up. After reaching a highest point it start plunge down with even greater velocity. Here You have to concentrate on the speed with which your friend comes down and throw back and I'm sure you will enjoy this game on your Android & Tablets and recommend to many other video game lovers.

The playing process is very simple. Just tap to toss a man in a strong man's arms and into the air. Keep tapping until he/she escapes solar and reaches galaxies and even farther. Along the way you can collect as many stars as you can. More stars will help increase your power and throw people to high distances. It is a game for the people of all age groups. Children, Teens, Adults and all can enjoy Buddy Toss. So play, lead the Global Leaderboards and earn the tag of world's strongest man.

Features of Buddy Toss:

* Easy to play with clean and smooth design
* Both Android & Tablet support
* Unlimited game mode and levels
* Fun unlimited
* Free to play
* Collect stars to increase size and
* Spend stars earned during each level to boost engery and size to throw your buddy farthest away

Installation Requirements

  1. Support Android OS version 4.4 and up
  2. Need minimum 33.6 MB of phone/external storage
  3. Push Unknown source button on to install APK