ApentalCalc v2.52 Latest APK Free Download for Android

ApentalCalc app- icon Are your enthusiastic about getting as many likes as you want on your photos and pages? Then you are on the right track. ApentalCalc is an amazing tool to take your page to the next level. It does not only help you to get likes on your own photos and pages but also on the photos of any Facebook users. But it will do so only in one condition: ApentalCalc (Facebook auto Liker) gets numerous likes on the photos whose privacy is public. Yeah, that sounds great.

How to use? ApentalCalc app is very easy to use. Just download and install it on your android phone. After successful installation, open it up. You will see the Facebook interface when you are connected to the internet. Sign in to your Facebook account and choose the photo you want auto likes. If the privacy of the photo you have chosen for auto likes is public then the notification button Want Like on this? will turn green. Click on it and you will start getting likes in a minute or two. If the button doesn't turn green means your photo privacy is not public so you cannot get auto like on that.

Top Features:
# Free and simple to use
# User-friendly
# Work on the photo's whose privacy is public
# Get countless likes on photos, pages, and any of the Facebook users
# Get auto comments

ApentalCalc APK Details:

Developer: apental.com
Requirements: Android 2.0 and Up
Download Link: >>>Download<<<