ApentalCalc APK v2.52 Latest 2020 Free Download for Android

ApentalCalcApentalCalc is a must have app for a Facebook user desperate to make a powerful impact online out of nowhere.

About ApentalCalc App

Today, the popularity of a social media (Facebook) user solely depends upon the likes, comments, reactions he/she get on their posts. A post only goes viral if the number of likes, reactions, comments and shares go on increasing each second. Honestly speaking, it is not so easy to obtain greater visibility on Internet. You need to consume plenty of energy and shed a lot of sweat in order to get the results. So to make it happen quickly, download ApentalCalc Facebook Liker for Android right now.

Apental Liker is among the top auto likes tools helping millions to obtain safe and authentic likes. And to make most of the benefits it offers, you need to connect your facebook account to the app. Surely, this is the first step to winning hundreds and thousands of likes and comments for free. In addition, there are plenty of other features you can  avail like increase post shares, receive comments & reactions and more...

How to increase likes on facebook using Apental Calc

  1. Install ApentalCalc on your Android.
  2. Open app and Sync it to your Facebook account.
  3. Make account and photo's privacy public.
  4. Select a photo to confirm Submit button turns green.
  5.  If it turns green, Click or tap on submit button now to get the first batch of likes on photos.
Now it's time to wait for a while then check whether likes and comments started to roll in or not. I'm sure and guarantee you thatApental Calcwill not disappoint you.
Note: Don't ever forget to make account privacy public. In case you forget to do so, you won't be able to submit your photo for auto likes and comments.

Features of ApentalCalc

* Simple and unique UI
* Get unlimited likes and comments on posts
* No need to generate any complex access token
* Free to use and no extra charge on likes & shares you get

Download and Install ApentalCalc APK file on Android

As we all know that apps present on Google Play are installed directly on to any Android device. But what if an app (ApentalCalc) is not available on Play Store?
There is simple answer to that very question. Just get the apk file of the app from its official website and follow the simple steps to help yourself with the installation.

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Activate Unknown app installation.
  3. Click on install button which should be active by now.


  • Spare only 3.6 Mbs of phone or SD card storage
  • Support Android OS version 1.5 and above
  • Active Facebook account to get likes on photos

App Details:

ApentalCalc 2.52 apental.com