Reverse Movie FX - Magic Video APK v1. Download for Android

Reverse Movie FX - Magic Video app- icon Have you ever seen a video clip from the end till the start? Yeah, you heard that right, from the end to the start. Of course, you can reverse your videos to give it a magical touch with a quite awesome tool, Reverse Movie FX. Magic Video app is a wonderful and magical video editor tool which is powerful enough to amaze video reversing function in a matter of seconds.

How to use Magic Video App?

First of all record whatever, ideas come to your mind that could be transformed into a magical video clip later on by reversing it. Record someone writing something in a notebook or a page. Guess what will happen when you reverse it. I'm sure, the scenario would be totally different from the normal recordings. You will not believe what happens after transformation. You will surprised to find that the one who was actually writing in recording now looks busy erasing in magic video. Sounds great!

* User-Friendly
* Reverse any video to give it a magical touch
* Add Music
* Loopback and forth or vice versa

Reverse Movie FX - Magic Video is really a cool video camera app for Android to reverse any sort of video stun friends. So, download camera app right now and start transforming your ideas to into magical video clips.

Reverse Movie FX APK Details:

Developer: Bizo Mobile
Size: 22.89MB
Requirements: Android 2.3.3 and up
Download Link: >>>Download<<<