Khan Academy APK v2.5.3 Free Download for Android

Khan AcademyLearning online has become much easier than ever before. There is an infinite number of platforms one can find on the Internet. But you would never find content more organized, managed and integrated into a single platform like Khan Academy, where you will find over 10,000 videos and much-elaborated explanations of the subjects of your concern. All the stuff that you find here on this app is free of any charges.

The innovator of creating Khan Academy and several other online tools to help make learning easy for students is none other than the Salman Khan. Who himself is an educator by profession. So, he believes in easy and quick access to education is the right of everyone. Therefore, it was inevitable to create an app to reach billions of Android users.

What can you do with Khan Academy App?

Harness skills: More than 35,000 Interactive practice questions have been created in order to polish your skills and make up the deficiencies that you have with quick feedback and more. You can take your practice in line side by side with your school lessons at an appropriate pace that you feel comfortable.

GMAT, SAT or MCAT Preparation: Prepare yourself for the upcoming GMAT, SAT or MCAT and more.

Learn any Subject: Learn any subject of your choice using short YouTube video lectures, practice exercises and comprehensive articles math (arithmetic, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, calculus, linear algebra), science (biology, chemistry, physics), economics, and even the humanities with playlists on art history, civics, finance etc.

# User-friendly - Easy to navigate through the content
# Bookmark and download lessons, articles and videos for offline usage
# Continue learning right from where you have left off
# Materials available for Students, Teachers, and even Parents

Khan Academy APK File Details:

Version: 2.5.3
Size: 16.40 MB
Requirements: Android 4.1 and up
Download Link: >>>Download<<<

CamScanner - Phone PDF Creator APK Free Download for Android

CamScanner - Phone PDF CreatorCamScanner is really a wonderful app for students, businessmen, marketers etc. Because you can scan, send documents, receipts, ID cards and much more anytime and anywhere. It is one of the best-known apps I have ever seen. According to a rough estimation, it is being used in more than 200 countries. In addition to that, it was shortlisted as in the category of 50 best apps, 2013 Edition by TIME.
I believe you are still wondering why it has got so much reputation around the world. As a student, I can realize how much importance it has in a students life. Until yesterday there was no other option to extract important points or a portion of a paragraph from a book in the library or anywhere except writing in a notebook. But now this prolific app will surely change your lifestyle to a much greater extent.

Aside from scanning CamScanner app helps you to synchronize and store all your docs, and making them available across all devices Android, Tablets and Computers anywhere and anytime.


# CamScanner or CS Scanner can scan all sort of documents anytime, anywhere.
Auto detects and trims out unnecessary portions like a dull background and produces HD  JPEG and PDF files
# Supports more than 16 languages including, English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean
Basically this option is used to sign into CamScanner web app but it can scan and read any QR code
#Fax any documents to anywhere around the globe. Print your docs instantly from your device, since CamScanner supports wireless printing
#Make your documents available across various platforms and devices (Phones, Tablets, and computers). This option is available to subscribed users only
#OCR turns images into editable texts
#Share documents easily with friends via Email, Social Media (Whatsapp, WeChat) etc.
Categorize your docs by labeling them with proper tags that make it quite easy for quick search

Also, party storage service is available. Store all your documents on these platforms; (Box, Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, OneDrive) for free.

CamScanner APK Details:

Developer: INTSIG Information Co., Ltd
Size: 35.02 MB
Requirements: Android 4.0.3 and up
Download Link: >>>Download<<<

PDF Reader APK v5.6 Free Download for Android

PDF Reader We all now prefer reading books on our smartphones such as Android and Tablets. Because it is easy to take eBooks with you anytime and anywhere. They are portable and possess no physical nature at all. However, on Android you need to install an application to open and manage your eBooks otherwise you won't be able to open certain file formats in which eBooks are created. With PDF Reader app installed on your smartphones, you will be exempt from turning pages over and over again until you reach the end of the book. It offers auto page scrolling but gives a real sense of flipping page with animations is such a way that you do with a paper book.

Moreover, you can manage your eBooks and open them all easily. It is most powerful PDF Reader and supports different file formats in which eBooks are formed, which as follows: PDF, DjVu, XPS (OpenXPS), FictionBook (zip Archives), Comics Book formats (CBR and CBZ), EPUB and RTF.

Also, built-in dictionary support (ColorDict, GoldenDict, Fora Dictionary, Aard Dictionary) to help you with any term that you don't understand while reading a book which is in my view a great addition to this eBook reader. Hence, making it a powerful yet easy to use app optimized for smartphones and Tablets.

There are numerous features associated with PDF or eBook Reader. But here I am going to share the most important features.

Top Features:
  • Auto Scroll
  • Dictionary support
  • Search Text 
  • Built-in Browser to search for an eBook online in OPDS and LitRes bookstore
  • Select text by double tapping
  • Multi-Language support: Korean, Chinese, Japanese etc
  • Adjust brightness within in your comfort zone
  • Select different profiles for Night and Day
  • Support different fonts, styles, tables and more...
Therefore, download PDF Reader app on your Android and get access to thousands of eBooks online and boost your reading skills straight away!

PDF Reader APK Details:

Developer: Pickwick Santa
Version: 5.6
Size: 6.5.58 MB
Requirements: All Android OS support
Download Link: >>>Download<<<

AppLock APK v2.31.4 Free Download for Android

AppLock Protect your Android phone from your kids, roommates, and others with a simple yet powerful app. AppLock will make your apps more secure than ever. Never bother about the vulnerability of your private data to be peeped because this app will lock almost any stuff that your smartphone does have. It can lock anything like Facebook, Whatsapp, Messenger, Snapchat, SMS, Contacts and even the settings and prevent any unknown access to your system. The Most valuable feature that all of you would definitely love is it can hide pictures and videos. Anyone searching your gallery won't find anything in it, for the hidden pictures and videos disappear. Photos and videos are only visible in photo and video vault. Invisible pattern and random keypad make your phone even more secure from peepers.

AppLock app supports more than 32 languages making it the chosen one. Almost 3 million users benefit from this superb app today. It has quite a long list of features, yet all of them are directly and indirectly related to providing foolproof security to your device. To prevent intruders, it requires administrator permission as well.

  • Nicely built app
  • Locks almost everything, it can even lock the Incoming calls, Settings, Time, Location, Switch (Bluetooth, WiFi, mobile data, synchronization) and even google play store.
  • Could not be uninstalled when advanced protection is on 
  • Well designed themes
  • Invisible pattern and random keyboard
  • Power saving mode to save battery
  • One of the best Android screen lock apps
This is the best app lock for Android since it locks every app that you have on your phone. Therefore to make full use of above-mentioned features get smart AppLock, download and make your device more secure than ever!

AppLock APK Details:

Developer: DoMobile Lab
Version: 2.31.4
Requirements: Android 4.0 and up
Download Link: >>> Download<<<

YouTube Kids v3.02.9 APK Free Download for Android

YouTube KidsYouTube Kids for Android is an app that filters out all the unsuitable videos, content and channels which are not kid-friendly. A powerful built-in feature to block the content that you feel inappropriate for your child gives you a peace of mind. In any case, if something inappropriate shows up, flag it or mention it and help operators review fast and furiously. But more importantly, Kid-friendly youtube app help younger kids and parents to access videos from Masha and Bear, Little  Talking Tom, Caillou, Peppa Pig and much more right on their smartphones.

Since it aims at managing kid tailored content only that's why it has introduced a more powerful feature parental control for parents to control and oversee kid's online track. Furthermore, you can make a profile of videos appropriate for your child by signing in but profile making is confined to certain countries: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ghana, India, Jamaica, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines and more.

You can also create and use a family link google account for your child under the age of 13  as well but if you are living in one of these countries: United States, Ireland, New Zealand or Australia. Also, you must have some sort of plastic money (Debit, Credit) to pay Google some sort of parent consent fee. Android Device with Installed Family Link app. Access restricted and normal restrictions mode via accessing parental settings. Above all, you need to have a Google account.

Moreover, you can also help make the YouTube Kids app better by providing a constructive feedback. As you know that no app is perfect there could be flaws and shortcomings of the app as well. So, there is always a room for improvement. Help make YouTube Kids a better app by providing feedback to Google LLC.

  • Block it, mention or flag a video unsuitable for kids
  • Restrict the time limit of the app usage by setting lock timer "Time's up" notification appears when the timer reaches the set time
  • Turn On/Off search to give access and restrict videos respectively
  • Create 8 separate profiles for kids of different age level according to their preferences and considerations
  • Watch YouTube Kids on all device such as Tablets, Android and Smart TVs
  • Create family link google account for your child under the age of 13
Hence, I personally recommend YouTube Kids app for you and your children. It is one of the best family apps you would find on the Internet.

YouTube Kids APK File Details:

Developer: Google LLC.
Version: 3.02.9
Size: (26.7 MB)
Requirements: Android 4.1 and up
Download Link: >>>Download<<<

Open Signal v5.38 APK Latest Free Download for Android

Open SignalDo you know? You can check the speed of your 2G, 3G/4G Network, monitor signal strength of your cell network, find best & free WiFi networks right on your fingertips. If your answer is still No, then you must download Open Signal and install on your smartphone and manage your network quite comfortably. It lets you run the Speed Test, Find 4G WiFi Maps, Improve signal strength, and give details of remaining data.

Internet surfers prefer to find the best network to make sure they have chosen the best one. So, they do a lot of testing, make comparisons, check WiFi maps and cell tower maps and finally decide which one to go for. OpenSignal is the best solution for those who want to know more about their networks before any subscriptions.

Open Signal app contains numerous powerful features and tools to uncover the important information related to your cell network. It can provide you with the details of the speed of internet connection, 4G WiFi maps, Tower maps, Tower direction. In addition let you know the best signal distributor in the locality, data usage history, and stats. So, download the Android application to make the right choice.

Open Signal APK Details:

Version: 5.38
Size: 4.80 MB
Requirements: Android 4.1 and up
Download Link: >>>DOWNLOAD<<<

Max Player - HD Video Player v1.5 APK Free Download for Android

Max Player - HD Video PlayerMax player is a very powerful media player with unlimited capabilities to double the taste of watching videos and movies on Android. Watch videos of any file format that you have stored locally on your phone as well as videos online.  Its decoding features help you to play videos of any format like flv, mkv, mp4, mp3, avi, mov, wav, flac and more. Also, its audio supports all audio formats including mp3, midi, wave, raw aac files, and other audio formats. So, these features make is generic video player helping you to play videos of all file formats without any sort of conversion.

Moreover, Its Max player support all multimedia video formats including avi, rmvb, mp4, wmv, rmvb, mkv, 3gp, m4v, mov, ts, mpg, flv, mp3 etc. So, if want to experience a smooth and best video quality on you smartphones then download and install Max Player and enjoy. To grab it right now click on the download button

* Free and easy to use
* Nicely designed
* Real-time video player music player with equalizer and presets
* QuickTime pro lists all video files
* Bass and treble adjustment
* Support for all video and audio formats
* Quick start and smooth and easy playback with a video resume
* Video streaming support
* Multiple subtitle formats support
* Load your favorite video files on your device (mp4, flv, 3gp and several other formats)

Music Player:
The Built-in music player of Max Player app allows you to find music files on your phone easily and help you manage music files the way you want. Browse and play music songs by genres, albums, artists, songs, and folders easily. This glorious app is stylishly and elegantly designed and help you play all music file formats as well. also, It is one of the best mp3 music players.

Music player Features:
* Support multi-track audio and subtitles
* Aspect ratio adjustments
* Swipe left and right to control volume and brightness
* Support all audio file formats(mp3 , midi ,wav , flac raw aac files and so on)
* Built own playlist

Max Player APK File Details:

Developer: Photogram Inc.
Version: 1.5
Size: (6.23 MB)
Requirements: Android 4.2 and up
Download Link: >>>Download<<<

Smart AudioBook Player v3.4.5 APK Free Download for Android

Smart AudioBook Player Smart AudioBook Player is an app crafted according to your wishes to enjoy listening to books on Android and Tablets. Its built-in powerful media player distinguishes it from other apps. Unlike many other music players is helps you to skip content that is worth skipping or you have listened to that previously.

Besides, you can categorize books into three classes. Put newly downloaded books in the folder named as new. While keeping others in the categories of started and finished. So that it becomes easy for you to find the newly downloaded content, audiobooks that you have started listening and what you have already finished listening.
What differs this app from others such free audiobook mp3 players is it pauses when you fall asleep. You don't need to start from the beginning when you get from a short nap. It keeps you progress on the save shelf so that you can start from where you left off.

Moreover, it supports almost all audio formats such as WMA,mp3, mp4a,mp4b, AWB, OGG and so on which means it is powerful enough to fulfill all your wishes of players different formats of audio on the same app.

  • Easy & free to use
  • No annoying ads 
  • Playback speed controls available
  • Application widget to control the player from a screen
  • Automatic Pause
  • Playback history 
  • Categorize books
Now if you still have any doubts about the audioBook player then clear your mind right now and download Smart AudioBook Player app and install on your Android to have the best ever experience of the listening to books now.

Smart AudioBook Player APK File Details:

Developer: Alex Kravchenko
Version: 3.4.5
Size: 5.15 MB
Requirements: Android 4.0 and up
Download Link: >>>Download<<<

Xender - File Transfer & Sharing APK v3.9.1130 Latest Download for Android

Xender - File Transfer & Sharing app- icon Xender - File Transfer & Sharing app lets you transfer files at a blazing speed across various platforms any time and anywhere. As we all know that it's transfer speed is 200 times higher than that of the Bluetooth. It can reach up to the speed 40mb/s during file exchange. That's why it has become the first priority of Android, IOS, Mac and PC users to share & transfer files of any kind. Moreover, it does not need a connectivity cable to establish connections among devices.

Xender app for Android possesses some powerful features which include sharing files at intense speed, No network connection needed while file transfer, transfer files of any size, transfer file across various devices, and manage files and much more. Apart from that, it is integrated with Hungama now. Browse & download videos, songs, and music anytime and share with friends on the go. Also, Share moments of happiness with relatives and friends using cross-platform sharing.

One thing I like more than anything else about this app is the copying of Contacts, SMS, Calendars, videos, music, apps, and much more to new mobile phone from the old one. Without file transfer and sharing application, it is almost impossible to switch your old phones content to the new one.

Xender APK Details:

Developer: Anmobi
Version: 3.9.1130
Size: 7.3 MB
Requirements: Android 2.3.3 and up
Download Link: >>>Download<<<

Cricket Live Line APK Latest v3.4 Free Download for Android

Cricket Live Line app- iconAre you in pursuit of an app that would offer you with a ball to ball voice commentary of your favorite cricket matches? Then you are in the right place to grab an app that will fulfill all your needs, instantly, known as Cricket Live Line. We all love cricket and the apps that provide us with live updates far more quickly and smoothly. I am sure you will experience the fastest ever ball by ball voice commentary, live updates, news feeds and much more...

This is quite an amazing app. Cricket Live Line app for Android is equipped with a lot of features that cricket lovers will love using. It will allow you to know more about rankings of your favorite international teams, get instant live-scores etc. on the go. In addition, it is extremely fast and accurate. As far as speed and accuracy to provide a fast Live score, live update, upcoming match updates are concerned there is no match to this app.

# Easy to use
# Extraordinary graphics
# Ball by Ball Voice commentary
# Get news, live updates fast and quickly
# Need Internet connection 2G, 3G/4G or WiFi
# Player statistics

So, download this amazing app now. It will provide you with all the statistics of players in the international matches (ODIs, T20s, and Test Matches).

Cricket Live Line APK Details:

Developer: Cricket Line
Version: 3.7
Size:3.4 MB
Requirements: Android 4.1 and up
Download Link:>>>Download<<<

Telegram APK v4.4.0 (11041) Latest Free Download for Android

Telegram app- icon Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging service. Since its launch in 2013, It has been able to drive as much traffic as possible quite easily and users continue to grow over time. The number of active users has already gone over hundred million within three years. It keeps its users connected among themselves with its remarkable app. Instant messaging is quite easy, secure and fast. Its servers at various locations across the globe provide a seamless service with faster response rate.

In addition, Telegram Messenger helps users connect with friends and family from any location. You are 100% secure, as the messages you send pass through a combination of encryptions and a secure key exchange. This is quite reliable, it works quite well even on slower Internet connections.

* Easy to use with handsome graphics. Get it from different app stores without any charge
* Free of any ads being displayed for earning purposes
* Easy and quick access to your messages and media files across various devices such as Android, Laptop, and PC etc
* Set a timer to destruct your messages whenever you want to and will vanish forever
* Cloud-based service help store unlimited media files, messages, and more
* Highly secure, messages are encrypted using various encryptions and security keys
* Powerful inbuilt editing tools help you edit anything depending on your needs.
* Dedicated servers across the globe help ensure fast, reliable and seamless service
* Never give access to anyone
* Share media files, photos and send messages in high privacy and set time

Telegram APK File Details:

Developer: Telegram Messenger LLP
Version: 4.4.0 (11041)
Size: 13.2 MB
Requirements: Android 4.4 and up
Download Link: >>>Download<<<

Mazes & More v1.52 APK Free Download for Android

Mazes & More app- icon Do you consider yourself a good puzzle solver? If you do so then let's check your abilities in Mazes & More. It is a classic puzzle game where you have to reach the destination without losing yourself in the labyrinth of little streets while avoiding enemies and obstacles along the way. Though it is a classic and old-fashioned maze game without smashing 3D graphics yet it offers great adventure with modes like ice floor, classic, dragging the dot in the dark. Ice floor mode of the game is considered to be more exciting and difficult. Let's see how do you counter attack the slippery floor at ice floor level 28 which a kind of complicated and tricky stage of the game.

Also, Mazes & More has 5 available modes to let you play the game depending on your skills. If you are playing this maze for the first time then start from the very beginning i.e, classic mode. Choose more advanced and difficult category later on as you get some skills and expertise of playing.

* Easy and fun to play
* No complicated 3D graphic designing which in turns make it a super speedy game
* Never uses hints, markers to track the path
* 450 labyrinths
* 5 game modes ( Classic, Enemies, Ice Floor, Darkness and Time Trial)

Remember, you can also play Mazes & More with friends online as well which will enhance fun furthermore.

Mazes & More APK File Details:

Developer: Leo De Sol Games
Version: 1.52
Size: 7.4 MB
Requirements: Android 4.0 and up
Download Link: >>>Download<<<

WiFiKill Pro APK v2.3.2 Latest Free Download For Android

WiFiKill Pro App- iconIf you are a bit selfish and want to the channelize the flow of data (bandwidth) of a private WiFi connection to your phone only, then WiFiKill Pro will make you smile with its fantastic feature of WiFi network control. It is quite an amazing tool to drop the connection with other devices, whereas your device is shown to them as a router. So, that makes your device unidentifiable on other devices.

This app is only available for Android phones and needs administration permission to attain privileged control over other Android subsystems (root access).

In addition to that, WiFiKill Pro has got some superb built-in features making one of the best WiFi hackers. You can not only get control over the available public WiFi networks but also monitor the activities of users using the same Internet connection. So, download the app from our site and start smart hacking right now!

# Easy to use
# Free of charge
# Hack public WiFi Internet connections
# Drop connection to other devices
# Monitor activities of other users
# Channelize data flow to your own device
# Display users list when they are linked to the same internet connection

WiFiKill Pro APK Details:

Developer: SM Dev
Version: 2.3.2
Size: 5.72 MB
Requirements: Android 4.0.3 and up
Download Link: >>>Download<<<