Mazes & More v1.52 APK Free Download for Android

Mazes & More app- icon Do you consider yourself a good puzzle solver? If you do so then let's check your abilities in Mazes & More. It is a classic puzzle game where you have to reach the destination without losing yourself in the labyrinth of little streets while avoiding enemies and obstacles along the way. Though it is a classic and old-fashioned maze game without smashing 3D graphics yet it offers great adventure with modes like ice floor, classic, dragging the dot in the dark. Ice floor mode of the game is considered to be more exciting and difficult. Let's see how do you counter attack the slippery floor at ice floor level 28 which a kind of complicated and tricky stage of the game.

Also, Mazes & More has 5 available modes to let you play the game depending on your skills. If you are playing this maze for the first time then start from the very beginning i.e, classic mode. Choose more advanced and difficult category later on as you get some skills and expertise of playing.

* Easy and fun to play
* No complicated 3D graphic designing which in turns make it a super speedy game
* Never uses hints, markers to track the path
* 450 labyrinths
* 5 game modes ( Classic, Enemies, Ice Floor, Darkness and Time Trial)

Remember, you can also play Mazes & More with friends online as well which will enhance fun furthermore.

Mazes & More APK File Details:

Developer: Leo De Sol Games
Version: 1.52
Size: 7.4 MB
Requirements: Android 4.0 and up
Download Link: >>>Download<<<