Qibla Finder - Find Qibla Direction & Prayer Times APK Download for Android

Qibla FinderWhile moving from one part of the world to the other you may find it difficult to locate the exact location of Qibla. As Muslims, it becomes inevitable to find the direction where Kaaba in Mecca is located. So, that you could perform your religious practices without any further delay. In such scenarios Qibla Finder is the best app for Android. It doesn't not only let you know about the direction but also guides you adjust your position before starting prayers. In addition, it also provides you the exact timing of prayers and reminds you each time with an Azaan alarm.

Qibla Finder app is very much useful for those who don't stay in one place all day. For example, a Taxi driver in America keeps moving to carry passengers to drop at their destination. It helps them find the direction of Qibla and know prayer times wherever they go.

- Simple & easy to use
- Qibla Compass
- Give exact prayer timings
- Help find your direction of Kaaba with regard to your exact location
- Set Azaan as the alarm to remind you of prayer timings

It will surely help to perform your religious duties quite regularly during the Holy month of Ramadaan.

Qibla Finder APK File Details:

Developer: IslamicWorld
Version: 1.0
Size: 11.76 MB
Requirements: Android 1.0 and up
Download Link: >>>Download<<<