Telegram APK v7.3.1 - Free Download for Android

Telegram 7.3.1 Telegram FZ-LLC

Telegram Description:

Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging service. Since its launch in 2013, It has been able to drive as much traffic as possible and saw a remarkable growth. The number of active users has already gone over hundred million within three years. Like every instant messaging app (Whatsapp, Signal, Viber), Telegram Messenger also tries hard to provide a secure chating environment to its users. And it is on top of that. Its servers at various locations across the globe provide a seamless service with faster response rate.

In addition, Telegram Messenger help users connect with friends and family from any location. Instant messaging is quite easy, secure and fast. You are 100% secure, as the messages you send pass through a combination of encryptions and a secure key exchange. Therefore, you find no reason to worry about conversations you make. Being secure and reliable, it works quite well even on slower Internet connections.

There is no limit to file sharing since all sort of files are transffered and stored in the Telegram cloud. You can access and retrieve your data anytime. Also, There is no exception on file type, files such as pdf, gif, png, mp3, mp4 etc, can be shared.

Apart from Unlimited data trasnfer, your Telegram Messenger is accessible on multiple devices. No worries on low battery of phone, continue on Tablet or Laptop from where you've left off.

Features of Telegram Messenger:

  • Free for lifetime
  • Easy to use with handsome graphics. Get it from different app stores without any charge
  • Free of any ads being displayed for earning purposes
  • Easy and quick access to your messages and media files across various devices such as Android, Laptop, and PC etc
  • Set a timer to destruct your messages whenever you want to and will vanish forever
  • Cloud-based service help store unlimited media files, messages, and more
  • Highly secure, messages are encrypted using various encryptions and security keys
  • Powerful inbuilt editing tools help you edit anything depending on your needs
  • Dedicated servers across the globe help ensure fast, reliable and seamless service
  • Never give access to anyone
  • Share media files, photos and send messages in high privacy and set time
  • Self-destruct feature provide a opportunity to secret chats (messages disappear from sender and receiver devices instantly)

Finally, one more thing to mention, Groups with as many members as 200,000 can be created which is quite amazing feature of Telegram Messenger. So create groups and share whatever you want with friends without any data limitions.

Installation Requirements

  1. Support Android OS version 2.2 and up
  2. Need minimum 28.5 MB of phone/external storage
  3. Push Unknown source button on to install APK