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Apental Calc
Apental Calc 2.52 apental

Apental Calc App Description:

Use Apental Calc for Android to gain popularity on Facebook. It increases followers on your account, boost likes and comments on photos, status, pages etc.
Today we are living in an era where you are in total control of social media. In fact, social media has become the largest social setting. It shrinks the gaps between people, and help people manage their businesses from any corner of the world. The transition towards digitalization was quite evident in the last decade. Facebook is one of the best examples that we can count with regard to the integration of technology into our social life circles. People tend to share many things from their daily life with others on Facebook. The popularity indicators are the number of followers on your account and likes & comments on posts and photos.

Facebook is the largest social media platform of the modern age where millions of people are connected to each and most of them are running their business campaigns successfully. Others do interact with friends and relative, share moments of happiness and more. Some get tons of likes on their status and photos each time they update but some don't. For those who do not get more likes as they desire, Apental Calc will surely bring happiness and joy to their faces. It will help them broaden their social circles to new limits.

Apental Calc lets you grab innumerable likes and comments on the posts, status, profile pic and much more on Facebook and increase reputation which in turns easily draw the attention of others. You will become popular among your friends and relative in no time. Then it becomes more easy for anyone to reach more and more people around the globe.

How to make Apental Calc Work?

To make Apental Calc work properly you need to fulfill some requirements. First and foremost you should have an active and live Facebook account. If you already have a Facebook ID then sign in to make some changes to the privacy settings. Change the privacy of your profile, follower and the photo on which you want likes from private to public. So, for now, sign in to Facebook via Apental Calc. Select the photo on which you would like to receive Auto Likes and Comments. Now, the submit button turn green. If it doesn't, then make sure to change the privacy of photo from private to public. Press the submit button and wait for a few seconds Auto Likes will surely start to roll in.

Key Features of Apental Calc:

* Easy to use
* User-Friendly Interface and super sleek design
* Get unlimited Facebook Auto Likes and Auto Comments
* Increase Likes to 200-300 on a single submission
* Works perfectly on mobile internet 2G, 3G/4G and WiFi connections

It's time to test Apental Calc app now. For that purpose, you need to download apk file of the from the link given below right now. Since it is not available in the biggest app store (Google Play Store), you can grab it from our website right now. Install it on your Android and Tablets to get a heap of likes on photos, status, and more. In case it doesn't work then you may use mg likers as well.