Cooking Talent - Restaurant Fever APK v1.1.0 - Free Download for Android

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Cooking Talent - Restaurant Fever 1.1.0 MobiGreen inc

Cooking Talent - restaurant Fever Description:

It's gonna be exciting this time around since you are going to take part in a different kind of a game. It is a restaurant management game: The Cooking Talent - Restaurant fever. Shed sweat as a chef in different levels to nullify the hunger of hundreds of customers with fast food such as hot dogs, milkshake, soft drinks, and hamburger. You will learn how to manage a restaurant and how tough it is to manage hungry customers in a matter of seconds and minutes while playing different levels of the chef game.

In addition, you can also attract more and more customers around the city with your mobile food truck. However, it requires you to upgrade to a food truck game. The controls that Cooking Talent - Restaurant fever offers are quite remarkable and easy. Acquire rewards in different levels of the chef game. You never know how valuable that can be in different game levels ahead.

The game is a bit challenging, let's see how effectively you manage the restaurant of your own. Cook all kind of dishes and make sure none of the recipes you cook burn or too late to be served to the customers. This is a kind of a game that anyone can play, kids, adults, and even professional chefs. It's not only a game but a way forward to all those who love joining restaurant management.

Wefbee APK v1.2 - Free Download for Android

Wefbee 1.2 Akrib

Wefbee Description:

Wefbee app for Android is a powerful application with combined Auto Liker, Auto Followers, Auto Commenter, Auto Friends Requester, Auto Group poster options. Simply download it and get all the tools in a single app.

Sometimes it becomes essential to automate some of the features of some social media settings. Since we are living in an era where we need to adopt some strong strategies to get some exposure and be popular in social media. Use of safe and spam free Auto Liker is one of them. In order to get super fast and safe auto likes you need to have this app installed on your Android.

Social media platforms connect people with each other and help establish strong bonding with those who share some common interests, hobbies or have the same skills and experience. Facebook is the biggest social setting of today. It is the same platform that connects people from almost every part of the world. But it takes a lot of time to be famous within a social circle on Facebook. However, no one wants to spend more time attracting the attention of other people. So it becomes inevitable for them to use Auto Likers that provides unlimited impressions. Wefbee is the best app to receive tons of safe and fast likes on Facebook photos, comments, status and much more.

Remember certain things while submitting a photo or status for enhancing auto likes and comments using the Wefbee free comments app. First of all, make it certain to change your follower's and photo's privacy setting to Public in your Facebook account. Until you don't change the settings you will not be able to receive any auto likes, comments, auto reaction and followers.

Features of Wefbee App:

# Free and easy to use
# Super fast and reliable
# 100% safe & spam free
# Unlimited auto likes

Tasty APK v1.36.0 - Free Download for Android

Tasty 1.36.0 BuzzFeed

Tasty Description:

Make recipes that you love to eat but don't know how to prepare. Now Tasty app will help you make recipes of your own. As we all know that it is not easy to cook food. However, it has become easier to prepare a recipe with this app now. You will find instructions to over 3000 recipes. Search for your favorite recipe and start making it right away.

Tasty is a nice app developed by BuzzFeed powered by Walmart in order to help people in preparation of meals and cuisines according to their mood. This app is highly recommended for you especially food lovers. It brings you hundreds of recipies at your finger tip with such wonderful video details. In addition you can find written step by step guide to cook your own food too.

So simply sign up with a Facebook and Google account to save your favorite recipies anytime. Apart from that you can also share recipies or just share they Ingredients with friends and family or anyone who you care a lot on their diet. The most beautiful thing about this app is you can order your recipie ingredients online via Walmart. It's simple just create a account and fill your bag with the recipie essentials and get the grocery delivered at your door steps.

Features of Tasty App:

* Filter search to find the exact recipe you are looking for
* Step by step instructions makes your job very much easier
* Find hundreds of thousands of recipes in a single tap
* Add recipes to favorites to save for later
* Find what is suitable for your next meal (Auto Recommendations)
* Filter recipes according to your dietary needs (low carb, vegan, gluten free, healthy etc.)
* Learn to cook using videos instructions as well

So, what are you waiting for? download BuzzFeed Tasty app and become a pro chef without a coach.

King Liker APK v1.0 - Free Download for Android

King Liker
King Liker 1.0 kingliker

King Liker App Description:

Did you ever know that King Liker can get more than 500 likes on photos, status and even on videos on your social media accounts including Facebook? Yes, it does, if you wonder how it could generate such a huge number of likes then download Facebook Auto Liker from the link provided to you by the end of the post. Test it yourself. I am pretty confident that you would probably KingLiker app handy when it comes enhancing reputation in various social media networks.

As we have seen beginners struggling to get much impression on their on their pages, channels, videos and photos on Facebook. It is quite easy to use. First of all sign into your Facebook account and change your profile's privacy setting from private to public. Also, of the photo who default privacy setting is private make it public. If you have made amendments to the settings then open the app. There are three tabs in the King Liker app where each one is used for a different purpose such as tap Likes tab to get Auto Likes and comments tab to receive auto comments and one for getting auto shares as well.

Furthermore, King Liker - FB Auto Liker is easy to use. It's sleek and stylish design makes it more elegant to use. Log in to Facebook account using the Auto Liker app, select photo, post or status and then tap on different tab buttons created separately for auto likes, auto comments, and auto shares. Wait for a while auto likes will start to roll in.
In case it doesn't work for you then make sure that you have made changes to your account's privacy policy as mentioned above.

One more thing to remember, while going through download and installation process of King Liker you might face some issues. By default, all Android phone does not allow the third party apps which are not listed in Google Play Store. So to allow installation of third-party apps go to >>> Settings>>>Security>>>allow installation of unknown apps. Now installation will complete successfully. You are ready to get likes.

Installation Requirements

Support Android OS all versions
Need minimum 5.3 MB of phone/external storage.
Push Unknown source button on to install APK.