Tapete APK v1.2 - Free Download for Android

Tapete 1.2 llevo3 ★ design

Tapete Description:

Tapete is a very lightweight wallpaper app having high-quality wallpapers. These wallpapers include high-resolution images, taken by the app creator himself. All the wallpapers you find in this app are the original creation of the respective developer. I appreciate the efforts made by the developer for keeping things simple.

Download Tapete app now to set eye relaxing themes & wallpapers of different categories such as nature, abstract, mic etc. to your mobile background.

Features of Tapete

Include high-quality wallpapers
Find numerous categories of wallpapers
Add wallpaper to favorite list
Free of ads

Installation Requirements

  1. Support Android OS version 4.1 and up
  2. Need minimum 2.00 MB of phone/external storage
  3. Push Unknown source button on to install APK


Lively Koi Fish 3D Theme APK v2.3.0 - Free Download for Android

Lively Koi Fish 3D Theme
Lively Koi Fish 3D Theme 2.3.03D Theme & HD Live Wallpaper

Lively Koi Fish 3D Theme Description:

Do you want to give your home screen a watery feel? Then there is only one way to make it happen. Download the Lively Koi Fish 3D Theme for your smartphone and enjoy the aesthetic features of the app right now. It gives exactly the same feeling as you are sitting on a shore of a quiet, calm and tranquil lake. There is no movement at all. Suddenly you throw a pebble into the water causing ripples to appear and the stillness and calmness is all gone now. So download 3D animated live theme and give your mobile home screen the same touchy feeling.

Lively Koi Fish 3D Theme is a super cool theme created with material design in mind. I'm sure you will enjoy every bit of it. The icons make this theme even more unique. It is a great idea to make icons the same as the material find around a lake or ponds such leaves, flowers, the gravel and many more.

let us now talk about the powerful features of the Lively Koi Fish 3D Theme. Since it is 3D animation based theme, the animation effects and navigations are wonderful. It has its own 3D clock widget yet very light and takes very little space in your phone storage. Designed while keeping the phone & battery performance in mind. But remember one thing, for better performance download its own 3D launcher.

Features of Lively Koi fish 3D Theme:

.* Smooth and sleek graphics
* More vibrant colors
* Amazing 3d effects
* Turn a dull home screen into a vibrant healing screen

Installation Requirements

  1. Support Android OS version 4.4 and up
  2. Need minimum 27 MB of phone/external storage
  3. Push Unknown source button on to install APK

Skippy APK v1.24.2 - Free Download for Android

Skippy 1.24.2 Plain Bagel Inc.

Skippy Description:

Skippy App for Android is a powerful YouTube player that turn's informative video's into books like a translator. That makes it easier to watch a 30-minute video in just 5 or 6 minutes. As the name suggests: skip videos as you see the sentence faster on the screen than the video. Now you don't need to keep up with the pace a speaker. Learn with ease at your own pace.

This is really an awesome app for those who want to polish their English as well. Listen and watch videos carefully, if don't understand anything read the lines that appear on the screen along with the video. This way you will easily understand and get the idea of what is being conveyed to you. Learn and practice big words and even use them. Soon you become the master of English language.

Skippy Youtube lets you filter out all the unnecessary stuff by skipping to next subtitle, clip or scenes. You get the message even more effectively without missing anything important. This is quite an amazing and wonderful way of watching YouTube videos. I should say, YouTube turned into books.

In its videos categories, you will find content about Social Studies, Tech & Sci, Art & Culture, Inspiration and much more.

Features of Skippy App

* Easy to use
* Powerful video player
* Give you a chance to get to the point far more quickly
* Let you skip videos without missing anything important
* Find content curated from, TED-ed, Kurzgesakt, Crash Course, Vox, Khan Academy and much more...
* Play video and start skipping

Skippy Android is quite a useful app for those whose don't want to stick to a video from start until the end to grab the main point. It's a perfect match for those who love reading. So download and enjoy reading rather than watching videos.

Installation Requirements

  1. Support Android OS version 5.0 and up
  2. Need minimum 12.0 MB of phone/external storage
  3. Push Unknown source button on to install APK


QooApp APK v8.1.1 - Free Download for Android

QooApp 8.1.1 Qoo App

QooApp Description:

QooApp for Android is one of the best application to find Asian Video Games. Qoo-App is one of the biggest Asian video game store based in Japan. The collection includes tons of games from various franchises known to provide best ever games for Android and Tablets users across the globe particularly Asian countries. Dragon ball and many other popular anime, comic and games among the gaming community. If you are more prone to play video games naturally then you must download Qoo App on your Android and Tablets right now to help find thousands of games for a direct download.

It is very easy to find the most popular games along with new and upcoming games via Qoo App. QooApp has a simple and smooth interface that lets you choose games of your choice. In this app you will find three different tabs for different category of games. That makes it the easiest app to use for downloading games.

The games you find on this store are mostly in Japanese, Korean and Chinese languages. However, you would find a few games in the English language as well. These include the only the most popular games.

Apart from that, the most fascinating thing about this store is you don't need register to download games. Just tap on the download button soon you will the android package kit of your favorite games. Install and play.

Features of QooApp:

- Tons of free Asian Video Games
- No account required to download a game
- Games available in four different languages including, Korean, Japnese, Chinese and English
- User-friendly interface
- Unlimited direct downloads

Installation Requirements

  1. Support Android OS version 3.0 and up
  2. Need minimum 1.49 MB of phone/external storage
  3. Push Unknown source button on to install APK


Easy Battery Saver APK v1.0.7.0 - Free Download for Android

Easy Battery Saver
Easy Battery Saver AsEasy

Easy Battery Saver Description:

Are you going through hard times having a smartphone consuming battery power so quickly? Do you consider removing apps that cause CPU overheating & speedy power drainage? Nothing to do much, just download Easy Battery Saver APK and install it on your Android. I'm sure it will bring your good times back and give better power saving experience. Battery Saver takes care of your phone's battery life simply giving you the power to stop apps running in the background.

There are certain things you can do to improve battery life of your phone. You can switch off WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS when you are offline. It also lets you choose the minimum brightness level and set minimum screen timeout time to save battery power. Easy Battery Saver app itself is not consuming much of your battery power. It is easy to use with user-friendly interface. Within a few taps, you can improve the battery performance of your phone.

Features of Easy Battery Saver App

  • Easy to use one tab battery saver app
  • ON/OFF buttons for WiFi,GPS, Blutooth, Auto rotate screen, Active auto-sync
  • Slider to set suitable Brightness
  • Radio buttons for setting minimum Screen timeout

Installation Requirements

Support Android OS version 3.0 and up
Need minimum 1.49 MB of phone/external storage
Push Unknown source button on to install APK

WiFi Analyzer APK v3.11.2 - Free Download for Android

WiFi Analyzer
Wifi Analyzer 3.11.2 farproc

WiFi Analyzer Description:

WiFi Analyzer app is a fantastic tool that allows you to find a least crowded WiFi connection around you. In public places where you would probably find plenty of WiFi channels, it becomes almost impossible to find a rather fast WiFi connection with the least number of users. Without a reliable tool or app, you cannot detect the speed of WiFi connection and the number of users on any of the available Hotspot channels. Having WiFi app installed on your smartphone you can increase your chances of finding a faster WiFi network in the neighborhood quite easily. If you go for doing an assessment then you will yourself in the dead end.

WiFi Analyzer app provides the detailed results of all the connections within a tap or more. So, with the analyzer, you are always miles ahead when it comes finding a fast public WiFi connection. If you haven't have this app installed on the device yet then download and install it on your Android right now.

Features of WiFi Analyzer App:

*Find out WiFi connection around your locality
*Graphical representation of number of WiFi connections along with the signal quality of each connection
*Easy to use

Installation Requirements

  1. Support Android OS version 6.0 and up
  2. Need minimum 1.78 MB of phone/external storage
  3. Push Unknown source button on to install APK

Pocket Tennis League APK v2.3.25002 - Free Download for Android

Pocket Tennis League
Pocket Tennis League 5.40 Magic Seven

Pocket Tennis League Description:

Pocket Tennis League brings a bit fun for tennis lovers on their Android devices. Pick up your tennis racket and start playing with other players in the most realistic league of tennis. It also offers smashing 3D graphics that adds something extra to the taste. The developer Magic Seven is doing their best to remove bugs and issues in order to improve the game day in and day out. You surely will enjoy the graphics of the game as it gives you the feeling of a real tennis match. So get ready to experience the most realistic action of tennis on your mobile.

Pocket Tennis League offers all that you need in a top tennis game. There are a number of high-quality rackets to choose from. Pick one that you like the most and start playing with other top-class players right away. Give some training to the players in training mode to acquire some skills before participating in Career and Quick Matches.

Moreover,  you can change the whole look of a player by customizing their equipment, hairstyle, sneakers and more. Now it is up to whether you want to enjoy the best ever gameplay on your phone or not. I pretty confident you will do.

Features of Pocket Tennis League:

  • Choose to play the game as male or female
  • Variety of courts to choose from (Grass, Clay or Soil)
  • You have the options to pick your favorite kit, racket and hairstyle for the player
  • Fantastic controls
  • Train yourself in training mode 

Installation Requirements

  1. Support Android OS version 4.0.3 and up
  2. Need minimum 42.7 MB of phone/external storage
  3. Push Unknown source button on to install APK

Z4Root APK v1.3.0 - Free Download for Android

Z4Root 1.3.0 RyaZA

Z4Root Description:

Z4Root is a very useful rooting app for Android devices because it is the only widely used application that can open up the factory settings more professionally. It lets you perform the rooting process smoothly and conveniently. In a single tap you it will allow you go through the whole process successfully. Accessing all the features of your Android device was never easy some years back. But thanks to Z4Root for making it possible now.

What makes Z4Root an exceptionally powerful rooting app?

Z4Root is the no.1 choice of Android users. It comes with really wonderful features. As we all know it is a light weight application, can only take a few MB's of your device storage. Unlike many other apps it is easy and simple to use. In a few steps you are able to root your device. Just install the application and see the magic.

Other features include:
# Easy to operate
# Run smoothly
# Free of annoying ads
# Updated on regular basis
# Removes unwanted software that take too much space on disk
# Reduces quick power drainage

Note: For those who wish to root this device must first understand what is rooting and how to root a device more securely. Rooting a device without a proper knowledge is risky at times. You may lose default setting of you mobile or tablet. So, rooting a device is always advised for those who already have a sound knowledge about the process. Remember that temporary rooting is reversible. On the other hand permanent root is irreversible. You cannot revert the whole process to regain the factory settings of your device. So before running Z4Root app you mush gain a proper information about rooting.

Installation Requirements:

Support Android OS version 4.0 and up
Need minimum .93 MB of phone/external storage
Push Unknown source button on to install APK

Yalp Store APK v0.45-legacy - Free Download for Android

Yalp Store
Yalp Store .45-legacy Sergey Yeriomin

Yalp Store Description:

Yalp Store is a fantastic apk market that allows you to download Google Play Store apps as apk files. But, there is still no match to Google Play Store. It provides a more secure environment to download apps. However, users still try to find ways to install apps without Google Framework or without a Google account. In this regard Yalp Store seems to be a perfect solution. It gives an easy access to all the apps and games available on Play Store. Search for apps along with the updates of apps already installed on your device now. It also possesses powerful features of filtering your search.

Moreover, use it as an app manager to mange downloaded apps on the go. Also, enables you to set an app as a system app on rooted device. It means for rooted device Yalp Store has something extra to offer. You can convert any app the same as preinstalled apps for your rooted device.

Features of Yalp Store App:

#Doesn't require any Google account to download APKs from Play store, it only uses a google account to provide a feedback or review on paid apps that you own
# Easy to use
# User-friendly Interface
# Filter search to find more specific app
# An ordinary or cheaper phone can support this app
#Unique app manager

Installation Requirements

  1. Support Android OS version 2.0 and up 
  2. Need minimum 1.43 MB of phone/external storage. 
  3. Push Unknown source button on to install APK.