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TV Tap Description:

TV Tap is yet another amazing Android application to access most popular international channels from any where around the world.

Things have changed quite dramatically in a decade or so. It's because of the rapid advancement in the tech sphere. Lets take an example of Television and figure out, how far we have reached? Indeed, the progress is quite remarkable and noticeable. Few years back, to watch a cricket match all you had to do was to stick around a large tv screen and never leave until the match was over. But, now you just do a TV Tap on Android to watch anything: including matches, talk shows, movies, and more.

Main Features of TV Tap:

TVTap - Live TV app carry some great features. You will never find your self lost somewhere in the middle just because of the simple and sleek design it offers. All the channels you find comes along with the country name labelled. That makes it even easier for you to find your respective content. In addition to that, a search bar helps you find your favorite channels instantly.

To discover more tap on the "menu bars" on the extreme left, on click, all the main categories would show up on the list. The reason to classify channels is straight forward. Every user has different taste and flavor. Based on your likings, channels have been categorized. The main categories are as follows:

  • Entertainment 🎭

  • Movies 🎥

  • Music 🎵

  • News 📰

  • Sports 🏌

  • Documentary 🎦

  • Kids 👫

  • Food 🥧

Looking at the rich channel list one can deduce that TV Tap disappoints none. It features amazing content such as action, romance, taste, history, current affairs, animations and anything a user could wish for. The bottom line is that all channels are accessible for free.

It is always amazing to alter some default features of an app such as display settings, player, listing and more. TVTap allows you to change default Go Player with Mx Player, aspect ratio for the player and home screen display. Moreover, you can just add as many channels to favorites as you want. Additionally, you can add all favorite channels to home screen.

Live stream all the matches that have been scheduled. The Schedule list is dedicated to all forms of sports such as Foot Ball, Cricket, Golf, MotoGP, WWE and plenty more. You can tune in to live matches an hour before a match starts.

Along with live streaming TV Tap app showcase international content. It means you can entertain yourself watching movies and other media content from plenty of countries including US,UK, India, Arab, Spain, Italy and the list go on. However, TVTap supports only three languages initially. The list may go long with the passage of time.

Installation Requirements

  1. Support Android OS version 4.3.0 and up
  2. Need minimum 9.42 MB of phone/external storage
  3. Push Unknown source button on, to install APK