SnapTube YouTube Downloader APK v5.11.0.5112410 - Free Download for Android


SnapTube YouTube Downloader Description:

SnapTube YouTube Downloader for Android is the most speedy video downloader and MP3 Convertor on the Internet. Today, to be able to download a media file from video streaming websites is a kind of a success since they don't let you to do so directly. Although you have another way out to download videos from Facebook, YouTube, DailyMotion, Vevo etc., you need not worry more. Simply use a third party app to copy videos to local disk and watch offline anytime later. We all know, it has always been a daunting task to download files from online video streaming sites . Having said that, SnapTube offers the easiest way to get a file of your choice from any of these sites.

SnapTube - Best Video Downloader for YouTube

Being the best always relates to some special attributes that help you stand out in masses. Likewise, Snaptube Video Downloader is known for its fast downloads, better file management, quality of Videos and a powerful convertor. Aside, it is not only unique in its design but also special in what it is doing.

Since SnapTube YouTube Downloader is optimized for fast downloads, in a blink of an eye your file is saved in the local storage. It allows you to grab videos from 50+ top video streaming sites without compromising on the quality of a video. Each file can be accessed in phone storage with folders named as Snaptube Video and Snaptube Audio. You can easily move them to any other location in the storage.

How to download Movies with SnapTube?

The process to look around for movies and other content for downloading is simple. Browse and find movies, dramas, game highlights, talkshows, music, news and other infinite categories of content in YouTube database. For some reason if you don't find a movie or a music file in the directory then copy the link of site where movie is located and put in the search bar. Without any interruption you will get the download file ready.

Features of SnapTube YouTube Downloader:

Well organized - Grab videos and music files and find them in the videos and music folder of the app respectively.
Optimized for Speed - Fast, stable and efficient downloading features to increase efficiency.
Safety Vault - Password protected folders both for (Music/Video) to keep private or adult content.
Night Mode - Turn light background to a much soothing dark background.
Powerful MP3 convertor - Convert visual content to Audio (mp3).
Fast Downloads - Grab videos or music of any quality in blazing speed.
App Manager - Manage apps in phone.
Multiple Downloads - Download several file concurrently.
ClipBoard Link Identification - Identify files copied to clip board automatically while you open youtube downloader.

What's New?

SnapTube keeps updating it features every now and them. That's why the efficiency is quite evident in newer versions.
  • You can now easily grab TikTok Videos
  • Better app management than ever
  • Enhanced User Experience

Installation Requirements

  1. Support Android OS version 4.0 and up
  2. Need minimum 15.6 MB of phone/external storage
  3. Push Unknown source button on, to install APK


MyFlixer APK v12.0.2 - Free Download for Android

MyFlixer 12.0.2 ปาม แกล้วเขตรการ

MyFlixer Description:

MyFlixer is your one stop destination to discover movies and series online without paying a penny. In its database you can find unlimited movies and series of your favorite genre in tap or so. It is just a fabulous app for those having strong inclination towards films and tv shows. As stated MyFlixer - Movies & Series 2020 has got a huge Movie Database, helps anyone explore the most trending picture, film or tv show in box office.

Mostly movie lovers try finding information data base about their favorite movies online and their search seems end nowhere. So in this regard, MyFlixer is the right solution for anyone finding right information about new, popular, upcoming movies in one place. Obviously, this is the fastest and easiest way to look for something in the film world.
Entertainment sources are endless on the Internet. But it seems impossible to find the best one among all. If you are stuck in the middle of information swamp like many other then you must opt to the best source, known as MyFlixer. It is made for informational purpose not for online streaming. So, clear your mind about it. However, it links you to the movie trailers to be watched YouTube and other streaming sites.

Main Features of MyFlixer:

  • Easy to discover top movies in a click
  • The best movie or TV show Database
  • Ratings and Reviews help find best movies/tvseries
  • Search to find cast, movie and other details
  • Powered by The Movies DB
  • Add information to favorites for easy access later

Installation Requirements

  1. Support Android OS version 5.0 and up
  2. Need minimum 4.89 MB of phone/external storage
  3. Push Unknown source button on to install APK


Diamond Generator ML APK v1.6 - Free Download for Android

Diamond Generator ML
Diamond Generator 1.6

Diamond Generator ML Description:

Diamond Generator for Android is a tool with special attributes to boost diamonds in Mobile Legends. Any game whether it is ML, Free Fire or any other video games you certainly need stars, coins or diamonds to unlock certain features. Yes, diamonds and coins certainly matter, since anyone can use it for in-app purchasing. Coins help add more features to a game. Extra features means extra power. So you can be easily on top of your game. After all, this special ML Injector helps you get free diamonds. Get unlimited diamonds without spending a buck.

It is always annoying, in games where you try hard in a level and don't succeed just because you lack power or lack something in your arsenal. Most often players find themselves in such situations where an extra life could have helped them their way out to the next level. But No, they fail to do so just because of lack extra ammunition. So fully equip yourself with lethal weaponry using unlimited diamonds. Play like a pro and achieve new objectives. But the question is where to get so many diamonds. The answer is very simple. Diamond Injector ML will help you get as many diamonds as you want.

As its name suggests, Diamond Generator is a special app helping beginners in ML Bang Bang acquire innumerable diamonds. You can get as many as Gems as you wish for. Which can be used to change the whole attire of a player with multiple skins, add new weapons to the arsenal, give new appearance to the game background.

Features of Diamond Generator ML:

- Inject code to acquire hundreds of thousands of diamonds for free
- No account required to get diamonds
- Easily access some options from the MLBB store such as skins and other important elements for free
- User-friendly interface
- Free battle points
- ML Injector is best to change certain parameters with code injection

How to acquire Diamonds with Diamond Injector MLBB?

Mobile Legends Bang Band is just a phenomenal video game. Which is being played by billions of users online across the globe. Diamond are the most popular element of this game. However, as a new player you cannot gather diamonds so easily. However, multiple Injectors like Diamond Generator will do the job easy for you by getting unlimited diamonds. So Download and enjoy MLBB right now.

It is quite easy to add diamonds and battle points to account. Diamond Generator has a simple interface. You only have put values in the diamonds place. Also remember to place your Game ID and Server in the box. Without the Game ID and Server you won't be able to Inject diamonds. So remember that.

Installation Requirements

  1. Support Android OS version 3.0 and up
  2. Need minimum 1.49 MB of phone/external storage
  3. Push Unknown source button on to install APK


Telegram APK v7.3.1 - Free Download for Android

Telegram 7.3.1 Telegram FZ-LLC

Telegram Description:

Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging service. Since its launch in 2013, It has been able to drive as much traffic as possible and saw a remarkable growth. The number of active users has already gone over hundred million within three years. Like every instant messaging app (Whatsapp, Signal, Viber), Telegram Messenger also tries hard to provide a secure chating environment to its users. And it is on top of that. Its servers at various locations across the globe provide a seamless service with faster response rate.

In addition, Telegram Messenger help users connect with friends and family from any location. Instant messaging is quite easy, secure and fast. You are 100% secure, as the messages you send pass through a combination of encryptions and a secure key exchange. Therefore, you find no reason to worry about conversations you make. Being secure and reliable, it works quite well even on slower Internet connections.

There is no limit to file sharing since all sort of files are transffered and stored in the Telegram cloud. You can access and retrieve your data anytime. Also, There is no exception on file type, files such as pdf, gif, png, mp3, mp4 etc, can be shared.

Apart from Unlimited data trasnfer, your Telegram Messenger is accessible on multiple devices. No worries on low battery of phone, continue on Tablet or Laptop from where you've left off.

Features of Telegram Messenger:

  • Free for lifetime
  • Easy to use with handsome graphics. Get it from different app stores without any charge
  • Free of any ads being displayed for earning purposes
  • Easy and quick access to your messages and media files across various devices such as Android, Laptop, and PC etc
  • Set a timer to destruct your messages whenever you want to and will vanish forever
  • Cloud-based service help store unlimited media files, messages, and more
  • Highly secure, messages are encrypted using various encryptions and security keys
  • Powerful inbuilt editing tools help you edit anything depending on your needs
  • Dedicated servers across the globe help ensure fast, reliable and seamless service
  • Never give access to anyone
  • Share media files, photos and send messages in high privacy and set time
  • Self-destruct feature provide a opportunity to secret chats (messages disappear from sender and receiver devices instantly)

Finally, one more thing to mention, Groups with as many members as 200,000 can be created which is quite amazing feature of Telegram Messenger. So create groups and share whatever you want with friends without any data limitions.

Installation Requirements

  1. Support Android OS version 2.2 and up
  2. Need minimum 28.5 MB of phone/external storage
  3. Push Unknown source button on to install APK


Nicoo APK v1.2.1 - Free Download for Android

Nicoo 1.2.1 NAVIEMU

Nicoo Description:

Nicoo app for Android is amazing skin tool for Free fire. It gives a whole new look to the game on user side. As a FF player you could only wish the appearance of the game to be just awesome. In fact, as a beginner you can not fully enjoy extra tools and features of the game. Even it takes a bit longer to be able to unlock new skins, background, weapon skins etc,. So creating an external enviroment to revamp the whole graphical features is one stop solution. It short it allows anyone change some parameters of the game to get an upper hand on your opponents.

Most games developers allow players to do in-app purchasing to get extra features. Perhaps, they generate revenue via in-app purchasing in order to keep the gaming environment up and running. To setup and keep servers operational you need money for sure. However, some gaming fellows always try to grab rewards and gifts of the game free. Nicoo app is especially made for them. But,keep in mind that this app alters game features illegally.

How to Unlock Free Fire Skins with Nicoo?

In order to access all skins of free fire you need to download Nicoo App. In the second step you have both the Nicoo Injector and Free Fire installed on you mobile. Just press the button 'Start Game' button in the app. It allows you to apply skins of your choice in the game.

Features of Nicoo App:

- Unlock tons of FF skins
- Acess features externally without being blocked to the game
- Better user experience

Injectors are always a good option to enhance user experience. It empowers even a rookie to change the appearance of the game and give it a whole new look. Therefore, if you are a beginner then surely go for it. Give it a try and see how powerful this tool is.

Installation Requirements

  1. Support Android OS version 5.0 and up
  2. Need minimum 12.1 MB of phone/external storage
  3. Push Unknown source button on, to install APK


Apental Calc APK v5.90 - Free Download for Android

Apental - Facebook Auto Liker
Apental Calc 5.90

Apental Calc Description:

In order to make a Facebook account more responsive either you need to have lots of friends and followers or have a powerful application that will do the magic for you.  Having tons of fan following alone is still not enough to achieve greater visibility on the biggest social media platform. You certainly want a quick improvement in the number of likes on your posts and publications. Well, the intentions are clear and you may wish to use a magical Facebook Auto Liker: Apental Calc - one of the best auto like apps for FB today.

Use Apental Calc for Android to gain popularity on Facebook. It increases followers on your account, boost fb likes and comments on photos, status, pages etc. In a matter of seconds your publications will receive hundreds of thousand likes and reactions without your account being compromised.

Facebook is no doubt the largest social media platform today where millions of people are connected to each and most of them are running theirbusiness campaigns successfully. Others do interact with friends and relative. Some get tons of likes on their status and photos but some don't. For those who do not get more likes as they desire, Apental Calc will surely bring happiness and joy to their faces. It will help them broaden their social circles to new limits.

Apental Calc lets you grab innumerable likes and comments on the posts, status, profile pic and much more on Facebook and increase reputation which in turns easily draw the attention of others. You will become popular among your friends and relative in no time.

How to use ApentalCalc App?

To make Apental Calc work properly you need to fulfill some requirements. First and foremost you should have an active and live Facebook account. If you already have a Facebook ID then sign in to make some changes to the privacy settings. Change the privacy of your profile, follower and the photo on which you want likes from private to public. So, for now, sign in to Facebook via Apental Calc. Select the photo on which you would like to receiveAuto Likes and Comments. Now, the submit button turn green. If it doesn't, then make sure to change the privacy of photo from private to public. Press the submit button and wait for a few seconds Auto Likes will surely start to roll in.

In short follow these easy steps to get facebook likes

  1. Install ApentalCalc on your Android.
  2. Open app and Sync it to your Facebook account.
  3. Make account and photo's privacy public.
  4. Select a photo to confirm Submit button turns green.
  5. If it turns green, Click or tap on submit button now to get the first batch of likes on photos.

Key Features of Apental Calc:

* Easy to use
* User-Friendly Interface and super sleek design
* Get unlimited Facebook Auto Likes and Auto Comments
* Increase Likes to 200-300 on a single submission
* Works perfectly on mobile internet 2G, 3G/4G and WiFi connections

It's time to test Apental Calc app now. For that purpose, you need to download apk file of the from the link given below right now. Since it is not available in the biggest app store (Google Play Store), you can grab it from our website right now. Install it on your Android and Tablets to get a heap of likes on photos, status, and more. In case it doesn't work then you may use mg likers as well.

Installation Requirements

  1. Support Android OS version 4.1 and up
  2. Need minimum 9.22 MB of phone/external storage
  3. Push Unknown source button on, to install APK

Cricket Live Line APK v3.8 - Free Download for Android

Cricket Live Line
Cricket Live Line 3.8 Cricket Line

Cricket Live Line Description:

Are you in pursuit of an app that would offer you with ball to ball voice commentary of cricket matches? If so, then you are in the right place to grab an app that will fulfill all your needs instantly, known as Cricket Live Line. It is a fact that cricket is the second most popular game being played all over the world, especially in the subcontinent. However, it is not possible for everyone to watch the game live in the cricketing field. Thanks to Android to enable fans stay connected with live matches from anywhere. It becomes even more easy to access live scores, score baords and many other details With Cricket Live Line app.

Cricket Live Line has plenty in store for cricket fans. Providing smooth ball by ball score along with detailed score cards are the top attributes associated to it. Don't worry whether you are in office, school, college or anywhere. It is just there to serve you all with live scores of live matches.

Apart from that cricket lovers look keen to know all the records of top teams and players. So to help them out Cricket Live Line provides all the Individual player and team records in all formats of the game. The historical records goes back to the begining of this game. So I would say it is not just an app to entertain you with livescores, but is an information store to help cricket lover all about the game.

The most intersting thing about Cricket Line is, it is not just confined to International matches. It is all about cricket whether it is domestic, or leagues. Cricket Live line brings action from any venue directly into your tv screen.

Top Features of Cricket Live Line:

  • Fastest Live Scores
  • Voice live score alerts
  • Find all the upcomping fixtures
  • All league fixtures
  • All sorts of Cricket Records (Bownling, Batting, Teams) in all formats of the game
  • Ranksings Tables (Team, Player) in all formats of International cricket
  • Polls on various matches (user can post opinion about recent match)
  • All the News from the circle of International cricket.

Installation Requirements

  1. Support Android OS version 4.1 and up
  2. Need minimum 6.98 MB of phone/external storage
  3. Push Unknown source button on, to install APK